Three beat EE to 4G mobile voice thingummy

three While EE were busy calling one of their customers a 'f***ing c***', Three have nipped in and introduced a new thing that they reckon will allow mobile signals to travel much further into buildings, and get to rural areas. They've brought about a 4G mobile voice service, beating EE to the punch.

Three have around 4.5 million people subscribing to their 4G network, but that's only for data - when you make a phone call, you drop down to 3G again. 3G isn't very good at penetrating through walls and that, so this is a problem.

Now, Three have a service called 4G Super Voice, which is great for those with a rubbish signal.

"Indoor coverage across the industry is always the hardest problem to solve, so all networks, whether it's 2G, 3G or 4G will always have coverage blackspots," said Bryn Jones, Chief Technology Officer at Three. "The way I always think of it is, if you're trying to get to sleep at night and there's a party at the end of the street, the sound you hear is the bass, which is the low frequency. You don't hear the singing, which is the high frequency."

Three bring thing super voice thing in following the their WiFi calling application, Three InTouch. They really want to see an end to all these blackspots.

4G Super Voice already covers half of the UK population for indoor coverage, and people in London, Edinburgh, Exeter and Birmingham can get on it right away. It has been rolling out in Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool and Bristol, as well as other places. You'll need to update your phone's software to use it though.

Only last year, EE said that they were going to release this on the public, but they're too slow. Vodafone and O2 are on it as well.

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    "Three bring thing super voice thing in following the their WiFi calling application" Did you phone that in?

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