This is not a prank. Calls to mobiles set to plummet & PAC codes issued quicker than lightning

old_mobile_phones_001 We realise that this fantastical story is the stuff of dreams and could be regarded as an elaborate April Fool’s hoax, but it really isn’t. We speak of course about the news that… calls to mobile phones from landlines could be cheaper from 2011.

No, no, don’t scoff and walk away – it’s really real and has come straight from the mouth of the horse with ‘Ofcom’ painted on its back. The telecoms regulator has caused an April 1st stir by announcing that it has slashed, yes SLASHED the cost that mobile phone firms can charge for connecting a call from another network or landline. THIS IS NOT A PRANK.

Following speculation earlier in the week, Ofcom have decreed that the cost will be reduced from 4.3 pence per minute to 0.5p by as early as 2015. The charges are believed to make up as much as 14p in every pound that callers to mobiles are charged and come after some EU ruling about something or other. Amazing stuff – only five years for the full reduction! Feel free to go out and have sex in the street to celebrate… now… because THIS IS NOT A PRANK!

But wait… there’s more! Ofcom have also announced that, from 2011, mobile customers will be able to switch providers in one working day instead of two! No, we’re serious – THIS IS NOT A PRANK. What’s more, phone companies will have to issue users with their PAC code within a maximum of two hours. It’s a victory, but a hollow one – Bitterwallet have long been campaigning for a maximum PAC-issue time of one hour and fifty-three minutes. Ah well.



  • Alex
    All they'll do is cut handset subsidies to offset the call price cut you know.
  • Ash
  • The B.
    Watch those contract prices shoot up, if that's the case it really will be easier to buy a phone and then get a cheap contract.
  • Andy247
    3 in particular have been campaigning for this since their launch, they've already promised an 'all you can eat' tariff costing at most £35 with a free handset and unlimited calls/texts/internet/skype etc...... so this is great news, shame it'll take so long!
  • I'm m.
    Is this a prank?
  • Paul T.
    Don't get to excited. This is the WHOLESALE rate - the rate the networks charge each other per minute for a call. The actual effect on the consumer rate will be a lot different .eg. if the cost now is 20p per min to call a mobile from a landline - 4.3p of that is the wholesale bit - so if that reduced by to 0.5p then the cost would be 15.7p per min to the consumer. A reduction yes - but certainly wont reduce bills significantly unless you do a lot of landline to mobile calls
  • Paul T.
    oops - sums wrong a bit in my post above - 4.3 to 0.5p is a reduction of 3.8p - so on a 20ppm rate the new rate would be 16.2pp.
  • smashingnicey
    This is a prank, right?
  • hippy
    good news about the pac code since in about a month ill be asking for it off crappy orange n going back to o2 where i can live a blissfull life. 2015 is a long time away though! try holding your breath for that long, by then analogue radio will be gone and everything will be digital and people will be flying on hoverboards n wearing bright coloured clothes. but i heard that analogue radio waves are to be used by mobile companies for faster data transfer rates n stuff so should be even cheaper to make calls.
  • Isidro C.
    Hey good post! I enjoyed that.

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