There's a new iPhone afoot - let's make stuff up about it!

apple logo If you stand on any given spot on Earth on any given day, of any year, pick your nose and flick the bogey and you will almost certainly land on a rumour about a new Apple product.

It is our job to report on all these rumours, on the vague chance of grabbing some of that lovely internet traffic.

So what's happening now? Well of course, no-one really knows, but it won't stop anyone writing about it. The most common muttering concerns the iPhone 7 (or maybe it'll be the iPhone 6S?) which is going to happen next year. Definitely. Probably.

There's even rumours about the spec of the damn thing which may or may not exist because Apple and Tim Cook haven’t actually said anything about it.

It is thought that the new phone will drop in September or October 2015, which would make sense if Apple are going for the Christmas shopping market, but of course, with no-one actually saying anything about a phone, we could say just about any quarter of the year and try and justify it. What will the phone be like? Well, we can assume that the next iPhone will be thinner and lighter, have a better screen resolution and some improvements to well-loved apps. You can say that about most new mobiles though.

But we like to jump on the anticipation early, so we can say "told you so" when something more concrete emerges.

There's further rumours (we haven't checked, but it is likely someone has said it) that they'll be aiming at two markets again, with a cheaper handset and the usual premium brand one. So basically, that covers both angles and we can now assume there's going to be a more affordable iPhone 6S and a pricier iPhone 7.

So there you have it. An article about an iPhone or two that may or may not exist, but probably will because we all know how mobile phone flogging works now. And to be on the safe side, we'll mention 'Apple Fanboyz' and some glib remark about 'Android' either against or in favour of it.

Expect to see this article, in it's essence, on various website around the internet until late next year, possibly with some patent diagrams attached to it.


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