The world's first mobile phone?

Never mind those 1980s ‘brick’ mobile phones – here’s THE real pioneering piece of mobile technology, from the 1920s.



It’s one step up from the yoghurt-pots-attached-with-string concept. A man called W. W. Macfarlane used to have his chauffeur drive him around with this thing in his car, while he spoke to his wife – as long as she was within a range of 500 yards. Way funnier than Dom Joly as well.



  • The B.
    500 yards? It'd be easier to shout surely?
  • Dick
    You see that guy just behind him? It seems that the News of the World were up to their phone hacking tricks back then. He does change his hat - trying to disguise himself maybe?
  • Mike H.
    "Yes, yes, I can hear you quite clearly, like you were stood behind me! What do you mean turn round?" Nothing has changed with the advent of the iPhone, you still look a twat, and people think you're a cunt.

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