The ThiPhone - if we catch you wearing one, you're barred

We like iPhone, but this is going too far. The ThiPhone - as the photo clearly demonstrates, you couldn't look more like a twat if you were wearing a t-shirt with "LOOK AT ME, I'M A TWAT" written across the front and back:

And in a spectacular clutch at marketing straws, the ThiPhone is been marketed as a device to make driving safer:

"Driving while using a mobile phone is dangerous. Studies have shown that having your mind on two or more things while driving greatly increases your chance for problems. The Thiphone™ allows your mind [to] quit thinking about where your phone is and as a result you can concentrate fully on the task at hand... driving".

Surely the safer of the two options is the one that has the iPhone in your line of sight, and doesn't require you to stare in a different direction to the one you're travelling in? Not that you should be dicking about with a phone when you're driving anyway.

[The ThiPhone]


  • Paul N.
    It's got to be a parody with a threadless shirt and starbucks iced latte...
  • Martha F.
    This won't stop the nob head Audi/BMW crowd using them whilst driving, "Yeah, I'm on my iPhone, yeah, in my Audi/BMW, yeah I'm driving, yeah, I'm overtaking, yeah, I'm a complete and utter nob"
  • Joff
    And what's wrong with a Starbucks iced latte? I'm only a tourist Starbucks customer so have to opt for the just-left-of-mainstream drinks. Yes I'm the one holding up the queue whilst I choose a muffin.
  • chrisg.
    And what's wrong with threadless? Ok ok, together with a starbucks = twittering nathan barley
  • Martha F.
    What the fuck's a threadless shirt anyway? Sounds gay.
  • Martha F.
    Couldn't be bothered waiting for your smug replys, so I Googled it, yes, it is gay.
  • Anon
    Stop polluting the message board Martha.
  • Martha F.
    OK, I'll do that.
  • Martha F.
    ^^ Sorry about that ^^
  • Martha F.
    ^^ And that...^^
  • RSG
    Martha just lieks to shock people wow big deal peopel if you ignore him he wont reply how hard is that to do! anyway iphones suck! ur a fool to buy one!
  • Gomz
    lol.. dont diss martha.. atleast they tell it how it is :)
  • Martha F.
  • numberwang
    Wow another marketing stunt, to be forgotten in a months time and replaced by the next one............ YAWN
  • Bricktop
    iCock more like...
  • Bricktop
    You bunch or tarts.. Feed them to the pigs Eroll...
  • Ian
    iPhone haters can't afford iPhones. FACT! Now, where did I park my Audi/BMW?
  • Bricktop
    Oi princess, I can afford a fucking Itwat phone, I just don't want one.. you get me? Pratt
  • bykergrove
    Ian you chump touch hd cost more than the iphone 3g and it kicks ass. my gf's iphone is like a toy. full on poser phone. Now, where did I park my Porsche? btw Martha rocks
  • bykergrove
    oh and Ian.... bill gates owns your mum
  • Nobby
    It would be better if it was a a baseball cap where the iphone connects to the front of the peak, right in front of the eyes. It would work well as an antitheft device if it was glued onto the head. And to those that say it would be dangerous for driving, well buy the iVision App, which shows you what you could be seeing if there was not an iphone in front of your face.
  • bykergrove
    couldnt you just activate the camera?
  • Ian
    Bricktop, sweetheart. You can't afford one. You're poor. Twat. Bykergrove. Ditto. And I own your gran.
  • Finlay
    "On top of that, I usually have my car-charger plugged into my phone. So now I have two cables coming out of my device while I am holding it and trying to drive." Prats, using the phone is proven to be as dangerous as drink drivign as you focus less on the road. I'm going to start selling a rival device that allows you to always know where your phone is, where it can't fall onto the floor of your car and more importantly, where you can't access it when driving for safety reasons. I'll sell the product for $19.99 RRP (to undercut the thiPhone) I call it, the pocket....
  • numberwang
    LOL @ IAN BUYING ONE don't lie Ian you know you want it badd
  • Amanda H.
    Ian, any chance you could pay back that £50 I lent you, Its Monday, so you must have your Giro by now.....
  • Bobwalte
    It's designed for pilots who use their iPhone as a digi kneepad. Perfect , it's not for car drivers you plonker . Lol.

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