The success of the App Store, from Apple's point of view

10 June 2009

You love Apple. You love iPhones. You love iPhone apps. You love them so much you bought the I'm Rich application for $999 and still have realised what a prize twat that makes you. You have hundreds of the little bastards in your phones, to the point you've no more screens to display them on. Yet you keep buying iPhone applications, deleting the old ones as you go.

But you're not the only one. There are thousands of you. Millions of you. So how does all that stupidity look from Apple's point of view? When 50 million iPhone users are pissing money up the wall on virtual fart machines and animated Chuck Norris kung-fu video games, what do they see?

Unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Francisco on Monday, the television that Steve Jobs has fitted to his bedroom ceiling. The 20 cinema displays display the 20,000 best selling apps - when one is purchased, it oscillates in a highly pleasurable manner. It's the sight of a metric fuckton of money raining into Apple's bank account every second:

For videos of this pleasure-pumping technology at work, check out Apple Insider.

[Apple Insider]

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  • MinstrelMan
    upto 159 apps available on 11 home screens on the new 3gs Iphone..... welcome to twat-ville. VOTE LUKE!
  • Rob
    iMug - the new punter paradigm
  • dave
    I feel sorry for the people who can't afford one of these, probably can't get any reception in their caves anyway.
  • Nobby
    Can you get a Steve Jobs is taking a shit app?
  • billythefish
    Nobber,...I mean Nobby SJ wasn't even at the conference, if you want to be a bill gates /michael dell suckboy go ahead but try and get your facts right.

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