The Spotify mobile app is here! Let there be music!

Bitterwallet - Apple apporves Spotify app for iPhoneThe world has spun slightly off its axis this morning as the Spotify mobile phone app has appeared, sitting there begging for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android platform users to download it for free and access a portable world of six million tracks.

Spotify’s head honcho Daniel Ek has told Sky News how it works, saying: "For example, you can see all tracks by Madonna, which albums she has, which artists match her. You can press any track and it starts playing instantly. You also have playlists, which can be stored on your phone, so they also work on the Tube or anywhere that you can't get reception."

Up to 3,333 tracks can be stored for offline play and playlists can be updated through your Spotify account on your computer and then transferred across to your phone at your leisure.

The major snag is that the service is only available to Spotify premium subscribers who pay a tenner a month, but is that really so bad when you look at the range of music you get to choose from?

We’re off to fire it up now. Breakfast, getting dressed and doing toilets can all wait on this day of all days…

[EDIT] To celebrate, we've created a Spotify playlist for you lot to stick some of your favourite songs on. Go on, let us into your souls and give us the tunes that make your lives worth living.


  • Tesh
    so can we not just listen to the free music, for free without premium? i dont care about the stored songs, i have my 16gb ipod for that lol
  • ed
    Fantastic news, for the ten or so people with premium accounts. Worthless to anyone else. It makes me laugh when they call it "free music" when they're charging you for it every month. Its not "free", it costs 10 quid.
  • Andy D.
    Where did anyone say the music was free? 16GB enough for all the music you want to hear? Really??
  • Michael
    Damn this companies for trying to make money from their efforts! How dare they?!
  • Jeffrey A.
    Sigh. And there was me thinking the Spotify morons had eventually figured out they should release a windows mobile app. Still no such luck eh. Retards.
  • MrRobin
    Horray! Thanks for the heads up. Now to umm and err all day long whether to subscribe or not.. Err... Umm...
  • -Mike H.
    Will you shut the fuck up about the iPhone. What the fuck, has this got to do with consumer hacks and tips? For fucks sake!
  • _A B.
    5 tracks on your playlist, profanityswan???????, more like an E.P. than a playlist.
    • Andy D.
      Add something to it then A Brown. I've put your biggest hit on there.
  • TeeJay
    Ok, so the whole 'premium account' thing sucks a bit. But the fact that you can get over 3,000 songs for offline plays is practically like owning the music and having your phone as an I can see why they are charging a bit. Still sucks tho...
  • MrRobin
    OK I'm just checking out the playlist again.. all seem pretty good songs, yep. Oh except that Bit Shifter one... WTF?! Sounds like one of those Magical Trevor loops on that weeble site.

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