The new Nokia bundle that listens to your heart

So you want a mobile that does everything? What, everything? Feed the kids, cook your tea, run a bath? Everything? Of course not, just a mobile that made uninterrupted phonecalls would be nice sometimes. But manufacturers and marketeers are desperately scraping the barrel in search of gizmos that'll make an impact and help grow their share of the market.

And while there's no doubt this latest bundle from Nokia will find its fans, is a heart monitor a decent dealbreaker?

It's the Nokia N79 Active, which is now available the wireless Polar Bluetooth heart rate belt. Together with the Nokia Sports Tracker application, it allows you to monitor your heart rate, map your favourite exercise routes and share them with others. The numbers don't quite stack up to make the sharing aspect worthwhile - you'd need a reasonable percentage of friends living in the same neighbourhood, all with a similar spec bundle. Still, it'll prove a worthwhile investment for the exercise nut, even if if does look like a giant virbrating cockring.



  • Will
    YAWN. It's a brilliant phone for the right people. My friend spent a small fortune on a Gramin device, and still pays a subscription with Garmin every month. If he had this phone he wouldn't need to worry about this. A lot of people have downloaded the sports tracker you can get on the N series to see what distance they've travelled, how fast they're going etc etc.
  • bowdeni
    I use Sports Tracker on my N95 8GB. It's awesome. Best piece of software. I tend to run on the treadmill this time of the year, and I'm at uni at the moment, so not by the coast. If the GPS module on the phone works perfect, i.e. better than my N95 which is pretty bad, then I'd buy this in a split of a second.

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