The new iPhone is probably coming out in September

6 August 2014

apple logo Rumours are circulating that Apple are going to unleash it's Q4 range on September 9.

According to some people who probably should go outside occasionally, this date would keep things consistent with previous releases.

Of Apple's new iPhone, there are rumoured to be two new models: a 4.7-inch handset, and a 5.5-inch version.

Other sources suggest that the handsets will include faster A8 processors and super-durable sapphire crystal displays, which are being billed as practically indestructible (but in reality, actually are).

The Apple logo (pictured) on the back of the phone may light up for notifications, meaning you'll be able to put the handset face down and still get alerted to an incoming message when the ringer's off. Which is, as you can imagine, A SIGNIFICANT BREAKTHROUGH.

Apple's two main iPhone manufacturers—Foxconn and Pegatron—reportedly started mass producing the 4.7-inch model this month. It's been reported that Foxconn will be the exclusive manufacturer of the rumoured 5.5-inch iPhone, work that's supposed to start in September.

This has been given credence by the fact that Foxconn and Pegatron have been harvesting hundreds of new staff to compete with the inevitable demand.

And if you want to be an irritating flash git, luxury brand Brikk announced that it will offer 14 high-end versions of the expected 4.7-inch 128GB iPhone, including models constructed of 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold, and pure platinum.

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