The new iPhone is here. Almost definitely certainly.

500x_iphone4_01 Well honky tonk – look what we’ve got here. It’s only the all-new iPhone, which has seemingly been lost by some Apple doofus in some bar somewhere.

Before it managed to get into the lost property box, Gizmodo have managed to get their hands on it – they’ve taken it apart and they reckon it’s the real deal.

New bits include…

  • A front-facing video chat camera
  • An improved regular back-camera (the lens is quite noticeably larger than the iPhone 3GS)
  • Camera flash
  • Micro-SIM instead of standard SIM (like the iPad)
  • Improved display, possibly the rumoured 960x460
  • A secondary mic (possibly for noise cancellation) at the top, next to the headphone jack
  • Split buttons for volume
  • Metallic power, mute, and volume buttons

A full breakdown and sexy snaps of the thing can be found at Gizmodo. Quick – before Apple’s hired goons break in and take it back!


  • Klingelton
    if this is true, apple have taken a leaf from HTC's styling school - looks very similar to some of their handsets does this... I think the same designer that was employed by porsche for 30 years was headhunted by apple to design the last 3 iterations of the iPhone...
  • twikki
    nobody cares about the icunt or any other crapple merchandise so stop bendin over for steve jobs bitterwallet and give us some decent news for once!
  • andy y.
    Just like fucking Windows,yes the next one won't be shit/lacking in features most other cheaper products already have.
  • Timmo
    WTF! IS DIS REAL? Seriously though, looks lush.
  • DX
    Very decent news. Although still conflicting views on whether this is genuine or not.
  • james
    @ twikki well clearly you care!
  • JC
    I'll buy 3
  • Fritzel
    im going to be first in the queue to buy one of these and im going to smash it with a hammer just to piss all your poor cunts off
  • nomnomnom
    Doubt it, if they have brought this in they are seriously shooting themselves in the foot breaching the new guidelines they brought in on micro-usb charger support to minimise proprietary peripherals Unless they bundle a micro-usb to iApple connection which is a bit of a douche move
  • Big B.
    Who says douche apart from fat American pigs?
  • Brian
    Brian here. I will get one of these. Apple rule!!!!!
  • dunfyboy
    Can it do bluetooth yet?
  • Whaaaa
    Isn't it amusing that in the past all these leaks never occured for the 1st three iPhones, not this much and this fast. But now that HTC etc are all coming out with droid, that isn't censored online, that doesn't have facist control over development, that does not have dictator control from someone like Steve Jobs. Apple? Threatened? Never :)
  • Jizzlicious
    Ewww, what's that prawny odour? I've just done a cocksnot in my pants
  • Wilie
    Are they doing it in white ? My wife will need one for the school run, so she can stand at the school gates chatting on her white iphone like all the other mums.
  • The B.
    Yeah, that'll be great, how much further are Apple going to lock down their development platform? The programmers were already moaning but after the latest change to the T&C's Google have a much better dev environment and if they're still using that clunky pos OS on it then why bother upgrading the hardware at all?
  • Big A.
    Steve Jobs responds:
  • Bier B.
    [...] and the like. Then he leaves, only he forgets his phone and leaves it behind, like many of us do. Except his is prototype iPhone 4G. His name is Gray Powell, the poor sod who’ll never be trusted with even a landline by Steve [...]
  • Apple B.
    [...] it seems that the iPhone 4G that was recently revealed to the world when some Apple bell-end left it in a bar was the real [...]
  • Lost B.
    [...] unit is near-identical to that which turned up in a bar up last month (with some small differences to the build), meaning this is very likely to be the shape and style [...]

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