The new iPhone is coming - and it's well spunky!

Now that the new iPhone (the 3GS) has been announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), it’s all going to be a bit tumbleweedy around here, given that an estimated 67% of our stories have covered rumours about the new iPhone for the past six months.

But it’s real and it’s coming sooner than you think – 19th June, although we suspect o2 might sell out of initial stock pretty damn quickly. In case you haven’t read elsewhere, the new phone will contain the following new features, all internal…

FASTER PROCESSING – the new iPhone will be much quicker than the previous 3G, the added ‘S’ standing for ‘speed’. We’d sort of hoped it was going to be ‘Spunky.’

SNAZZIER CAMERA – as well as 3 megapixels, the 3GS will have new features such as auto-focus, auto-white balance, auto-macro and auto-exposure. Then there’s the tap-to-focus feature, which will allow you to tap the object that you want to be the main focus of the picture.

VIDEO CAMERA – one of the main missing features of the 3G, the 3GS will record in VGA at 30 frames per second. Videos will be uploadable to YouTube or you can send them via MMS

ENHANCED VOICE RECOGNITION – not only will you be able to dial numbers by saying the name of your contact, you’ll also be able get it to play music by saying the name of your chosen artist. You lazy, lucky bastards.

LONGER BATTERY LIFE – well, slightly longer anyway. The iPhone 3GS will give you 50% more on Wi-Fi (9hrs), 33% more on video (10hrs), 30hrs as opposed to 24hrs on audio, 20% more on 2G talk (12 hrs), and the same 5hr life on 3G.

A COMPASS – yeah, a compass. Erm...

The 3GS will cost up to £184.98 for the 16GB, and up to £274.23 for the new, beefed up 32GB, depending on which tariff you opt for. If you already own an iPhone 3G, you might stick with what you’ve got, as two days before the new handset comes iPhone OS 3.0, as previewed back in March.

The new OS will be free and will include features such as MMS, cut, copy and paste, Spotlight search homepage, landscape keyboard, and best of all, the ability to use your 3G phone as a modem via USB or Bluetooth. There were a few other new bits of stuff from Apple this evening as well, such as a revamped MacBook Pro and an update of the Apple OS (Snow Leopard).

So there you go then. Come back tomorrow when we'll have '10 Apple Rumours We Heard At WWDC That Didn't Come True.' Now what are you waiting for – START BITCHING!

EDIT: o2 have announced a minimum charge add-on charge of £15 per month for customers who want to use the iPhone 3G or 3GS as a modem. The utter howling shits. No price drop on 3G handsets either, in spite of a drop in price to $199 in the States.


  • Boo B.
    Spunky. I'm always intrigued how people in the USA use that term, especially in thigh-slapping innocent outbursts. "Bobby-Jo is just so full of spunk!" .... Hm .. So, a "well spunky" phone? like, dripping?
  • Uncle T.
    I've already released some "spunk" looking at those sexy pics of the new iPhone.
  • bykergrove
    uncle tom - you retard, the externals of the phone are exactly the same. andy - the new iphone is like a shit version of my touch hd... *waits for wm mention*
  • Boon
    Didn't Apple also reduce the price of the 8GB iPhone to only $99? Or is that only for the US? It would be cool to be able to get the iPhone 8GB for around £60 in the UK... but it doesn't seem like o2's site has the updated new lower price.
  • numberwang
    So,,, you want to wank off your iphone? there's an "app" for that! touch & stroke your phone until it spunks all over your hands... A manic grin spreads across your pale sunken face and you feel invincible! - if only for a second. WHY? because you bought into the iphone way of life, and that makes you "unique"..... you and the millions of others that are doing THE EXACT SAME THING.
  • Andy D.
    @Boon They did indeed (for the 8GB 3G) - but as you say, there's been no confirmation on a UK price. I'll add an edit as and when there's a confirmation.
  • bykergrove
    Uncle Tom, Called spunky because apple want you to shove it up your arse to replace the apple cock that's usually up there
  • phil m.
    It looks exactly the same as the previous iphone. Still think the palm pre will be better
  • bykergrove
    Uncle Tom, Don't forget to switch vibrate on.
  • bykergrove
    Uncle Tom, What's your number? I'll give you a call ;-)
  • Uncle T.
    bykergrove, It's 07785961211 UT ;-)
  • bykergrove
    Uncle Tom, Got you on speed dial buddy! It's going to be a long long night :-) bykergrove
  • numberwang
    /\ lol
  • Lumoruk
    so no front camera for video calling and no 5-8MP camera like every other phone madness!
  • speedski
    What we are actually saying with this article is that Apple have made a pile of money off all those who adopted the crap version early and now they can actually bring out a phone with the features it should have had in the first place if Apple had held up its side of in the innovation party. I don't see why all those who have spent 100's of $/£ should be happy about this new version - it IS what the first should have been and quite frankly is STILL behind the competition befor its even released...AGAIN.
  • Frugal Yeah so very popular, Nearly £800+ total paid minimum on contract, £440 for 16gb PAYG version compared to N97 this is obscenely expensive
  • Francis R.
    67%? More like 99.999r%
  • Jesus
    Tap to focus sounds fantastic. Except its been on every HTC phone released in the last 12 months, and is poopy.
  • Mike U.
    My Blackberry Curve 8900 shits over the iPhone is terms of functionality, only thing missing is the touchscreen, plus I don't get bummed by my provider on costs
  • Alistair
    WOW - Voice dialling - My 8 year old Nokia phone had that WOW - 3Mp camera - was there a fire sale somewhere in China? WOW - A compass - yeah like Super Wow WOW - 30fps video I'm sure the iFanboys will be beside themselves with excitement. The rest of us can laugh at how much further their beloved Jesus Phone falls behind technically.
  • Esther82
    My main response to these features was "I can't believe it didn't do that already!". I'm sticking with my Touch Diamond. It's prettier, smaller and does most of this anyway. Once MS get their act together with the WM app store we'll be set.
  • Steve
    Ah, I see the anti-iPhone fanbois turned up then... it's not all about features folks, it's about how well they're implemented. And don't be taken in by the megapixel wars on cameraphones, anything over 5MP on a sensor that small tends to produce worse quality images overall, I'd much rather have a 3MP camera with a decent lens and software driving it than the 12MP nonsense they're starting to fit now. Anyway, I was all ready to finally get an iPhone... until I saw the cost. O2 have simply lost the plot with £275 for the 32Gb model on an 18 month contract at £35 a month PLUS an extra £15 minimum if you want to tether. That's about £60 more than they pay in the US in a market that's traditionally more expensive than ours. Gutted as this really did look like the perfect phone for me right now and have been wanting one ever since the original was announced but at that price? Not a chance in hell.
  • Noghar
    True, a decent lens and a good flash means more than megapixel count, only the iPhone doesn't have either. I know because I've got one and compared to my old se905 the pictures are crap. However I still prefer my iPhone because I found the ebook software Stanza which is free and which I use almost every day. Plus the great games and superb interface and the ability to customise and change my (jailbroken) phone to look and behave the way I want - though that's more thanks to Cydia and QuickPwn than Apple. I think the posting here is missing the point of the compass. It enables you to use an iPhone as a proper satnav because it will know which way you are facing and be able to say 'turn left here' for example. Apart from that , yeah, a compass isn't that hot. And video? For god's sake, those of us with jailbroken iPhones have been videoing for months. Voice control via bluetooth? About bloody time. Will we be able to bluetooth photos and contacts to friends like every other phone has been able to do for the last 3 years or so? I hope so but we'll see. A mixed bag, really. The 3.0 software will make the 3g very nearly as good as the 3gs (all that stuff about longer battery life - I don't believe it for a minute.). And at the prices O2 are trying to screw out of customers, a lot of us will be very happy to stick with our 3g models for a year or two longer...
  • Michael
    I have an iPhone 3G and won't upgrade to the 3GS but it is a decent improvement. The compass is a feature I would like as it will mean with Google Maps when stood on a street you can know which way you are facing. I have once walked right across a city because I started out in the wrong direction (Yes I am that useless!). The prices for o2 seem a bit steep. It seems like they haven't put the cost of the 8GB model down at all and the 16 and 32 GB ones go up from there.
  • Bill
    A huge disappointment, same phone with a few so-called improvements that should have been in it from the start. Coupled with O2 hugely ripping off customers makes me think I will not bother.
  • Antique A.
    So,,, you have something warm and slippery in your hand that gives you a temporary thrill but basically embarrasses you, especially if caught holding it in public. Is there an “app” for that?
  • The B.
    Still no Flash support, still no cut and paste and they've upgraded the camera from utter crap to crap. Does Safari still crash if you hit an image heavy web page? Have you added the ability to turn images off yet? I've got an iPhone and I like it but these changes are utter shite (and I'm getting an Android as soon as they stick it on a decent phone).
  • Paul S.
    Cut and paste is part of the 3.0 firmware update, which happens in eight days' time.
  • numberwang
    the real bob "(and I’m getting an Android as soon as they stick it on a decent phone)" absolutely
  • Jesus
    Decent phone? How about the Touch HD? Touch Pro? All will run Android with some good old ROM flashing.

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