The new iPhone - all those rumours wrapped up in one

There are only so many iPhone rumours you can cram in your ears before your brain is liquidised by the futility of them all. You might have noticed there's been a flurry of gossip elsewhere in the past week that we've entirely ignored - yes, even we get bored of them too.

We just can't keep up with who said what and when, the specifics and the vagaries, it's all too much. Fortunately, one man is tough enough to take it all on board. A blogger called Remy at The Green Room has compiled a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to all the possible updates the new iPhone will have:

Click on the illustration to see the guide at full size. The reference numbers correlate with a list of sources given on The Green Room blog, so you can see exactly where each rumour originated. Now, we absolutely promise not to talk about the iPhone again until it's released. Too much.

[The Green Room]


  • MrRobin
    When is it scheduled for release? How much is O2/Apple likely to extract from my bank account to upgrade from the 'normal' 3G model?
  • Tizer
    Mr Robin you will do anything for the new iphone...ANYTHING!
  • Francis R.
    I will do nothing for the new iPhone...NOTHING!
  • MinstrelMan
    during the 2G release O2 allowed existing customers who had their current contract (2 months from memory) upgrade to the iphone without having to buy out their existing contract..... I made a fortune on that as i'd had my N95 3-4 months, on an expensive tarrif, i went for the £35 pm got roughly the same number of text and mins bunddled and sold the N95. I think they've learned from their mistakes and dont think this will be happening again hence them trying to flog the 3G version, might do you a small discount on buying out the remainder of your contract unless you sign upto a 24 month one maybe..... who knows, but dont hold your breath.
  • MrRobin
    @Tizer - Yeah! Gimme gimme gimme! I don't mind signing up for another 18 months or whatever (had this one for about a year now anyway), I just don't want to fork out a ton of wedge... I suppose my current iPhone does have a decent resell value tho.
  • bykergrove
    fucking fanboys man... stick an apple up your ass
  • Seasiderdave
    @ bykergrove Excellently well thought out and constructed feedback there. Well done :)
  • acecatcher3
    brb, making a video of 1man 1 apple. i love my iphone.
  • Gus
    @ bykergrove Well said mate! such a fus for a fucking mobile! Idiots!!!
  • acecatcher3
    the ppl who dont like iphone make a bigger fuss.
  • Gus
    I have said before and I will repeat: Most people don't have anything against apple products. But the way that some idiots Idolize apple irritates us! I got a workmate with 3k credit card debit and still he signed for a 2 years contract for 45 quid a month!
  • Amanda H.
    Will it have advanced baby shaking hardware? It might also be handy to have a Social Services/Police proximity warning when the red mist descends. Just to be on the safe side.
  • Ten B.
    [...] The new iPhone. When it arrives, will it really have all this stuff on it? [...]

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