The new app that will keep your council on its toes

mzl.nfjjsenw.320x480-75 If you’re an iPhone user, there appears to be a nifty new way to use it that can give your local council a kick up the arse and get the place tidied up, thanks to a free new app called ‘Speak Up!’

It works like this – you’re out and about one day, doing your thing and that, and you stumble upon a problem that the council really ought to be doing something about. It could be graffiti, a knackered bit of pavement or a major bit of littering.

Using Speak Up!, you simply take a pic of the offending scene, choose the category that it fits into, input some info and your contact details, press the magic button, and the app will forward your report on to the relevant council, using GPS to identify the location of the problem area.

We haven’t tried it out yet, primarily because we operate in a hermetically-sealed pod that is fifty feet beneath ground level and the council don’t come round here no more, but for those of you in the real world, it could be an enormous boon (and we’re always on the look out for enormous boons).

Mind you, with all the cuts and everything, you might have to wait 18 months or so for the job to get sorted, but at least you’ll have done your bit. Big Society and that...


  • SpeakUpApp
    Thanks for the write up Andy! You also get a receipt by email telling you that you have submitted an issue and which Council it went to (if you're in London for example, you might not know which authority you are in when you are out and about). In the next few days we are adding a link thats let you close down your own incident if you fix the issue yourself - especially if it takes the Council a while to get round to it. If you go all Big Society then we contact the Council and let them know to close down the job and not send someone out to sort it.
  • james d.
    is this coming to android?
  • stella
    For "pest" read gyspy. PC gone mad.
  • abouttime
    excellent app - windows mobile please - in the mean time phone the council up complain - worked for me in the past,
  • Jamie
    Windows mobile is dead, Windows 7 will follow soon.
  • Maude
    I'll give it a go, but I hope this is better than the shite FixMyStreet app (which always messed up the GPS co-ordinates, you couldn't select an existing image from your photo library, and you couldn't actually complete a report with since you had to confirm every frickin' thing by email).
  • Jamies f.
    # Posted by Jamie | October 23rd, 2010 at 4:20 pm Windows mobile is dead, Windows 7 will follow soon. what ever sorry jamie tell us more on your massive industrial insider knowledge - When apple produce a nice interface that doesnt look like it belongs on a toy then maybe windows will die until that day step back and FUCK YOURSELF IN THE FACE
  • Sean
    I've been using the "Love Clean Streets" app for exactly this for months now - it's an app set up by Lewisham Council but works across the country. Every time I have submitted a report to my local borough (Enfield) it has always been dealt with within 24 hours!

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