The mobile tariff comparison site that can save you big quids

There’s a new mobile phone tariff comparison site here in Internet Town, and it’s got the thumbs up from the stiff shirts at Ofcom. It goes by the name of BillMonitor and claims to be able to find you a more cost-effective tariff just by looking at your birth date, shoe size and the name of your favourite character from Home And Away.

Actually, that’s not true. But all BillMonitor does need is a brief outline of your current monthly usage, and hey presto, it’ll do its bestest to fix you up with a better deal. Plus, as we said, it’s been approved by Ofcom, and is the first mobile comparison service to get their seal of approval.

If you’re happy to give it your current online billing info and let it root around in the finer details of your monthly usage, it’ll provide a much more detailed set of recommendations – to date BillMonitor claims that 82% of the site’s users were found to be on plans with inclusive minutes they don't use. In fact they discovered that users could upgrade to an iPhone for just £2.70 more per month than they were currently paying.

Feel free to fill in the comments box below with your rabid pro and anti-iPhone noise…



  • Namer
    It's a pile of crap. Anyone can quite easily and more effectively do a bit of research to find the best deal for me. I tried using that site and it didn't bring up the deal on O2 that I saw advertised on the O2 website. A site for the masses.
  • Sean
    Oh, they lost all credibility just from that article as soon as they mentioned iPhones. Makes them look like all they're out to do is peddle more twat-phones.
  • The E.
    agreed lol
  • X
    Total crap (L)

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