The Mintpad - the gadget to watch in 2009?

Better stacked than the classified section of the Daily Sport, this will undoubtedly be the must-have toy for kids next year. Created by the founder and former CEO of iRiver's parent company, the Mintpad does everything an iPod Touch can do. Plus a camera. Plus a doodlepad. Plus a lot less outlay.

Browse the web, take and upload photos, write memos and blogs, playback music and video, chat; it's everything a child (or adult) could ask for.  But it's the price that's the dealbreaker; the Mintpad is currently on sale in Korea for 190,000 KRW - or about £88. Assuming the pound isn't raped and pillaged by the Far East markets, then we could see this ubergadget on sale in UK shops for under £100.


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