The magnificent iPhone - now it even speaks fluent baby


Dr Doolittle could talk to the animals but who cares? After all, the mighty Whitney Houston Houston sang ‘I believe the children are our future…’ and not ‘I believe the zebras are our future…’ didn’t she?

So rather than communicating with the beasts we should be focussing on understanding the little humans who don’t speak English yet. We refer, of course, to the babies.

Thankfully, there’s now an app for that – the Cry Translator, which will analyse and interpret your baby’s howling, letting you know just what they’re saying. And it’s only £17.99!

The makers of the app, led by Spanish paediatrician Dr Antonio Portugal Ramírez, reckon it is 96 per cent accurate. But Siobhan Freegard, of website, believes that learning to interpret cries is part of the bonding process and forms the foundation for good communications. She said: "Learning to interpret cries is part of the bonding process and forms the foundation for good communication."

There’s also the chance that your baby will grab the phone as you hold it up to its crying face, crawl off under the floorboards and spend nine straight hours playing Peggle on it. But thankfully, it’s a slim chance.


  • MayContainNuts
    £17.99? FFS, it's not that hard - the little buggers only do 3 things: eat, shit and sleep. If they've been fed and changed, they're tired. That'll be £17.99 please!
  • Bob
    I'm sure this featured in The Simpsons when Homer's brother - Uncie Herb - came back!
  • Nobby
  • Garry
    I think Herb Simpson may have something to say about this...,_Can_You_Spare_Two_Dimes%3F
  • Bo
    ONLY £17.99! You say that as though its a good price!
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Seeing as I've just today bought (sorry, was given through work) an iPhone, I was just waiting for the amazing iPhone related stories that we can always guarantee we'll get, on Shitterwallet. As always, never one to disappoint, here we go! Thanks very much, this will make a great first worthwhile app purchase.

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