The iPhone Nano is here, or there at least

It's the rumour that nobody believes yet it just won't quit, dammit; is Apple about to announce the launch of an iPhone Nano?  In fact it's already available, according to Apple Insider - if you live in Thailand and aren't savvy enough to spot a fake:

Meanwhile, adding fuel to the fire that an official product will be launched shortly, is manufacturer Vaja. Their online store sells leather cases for a wide variety of electronic goods, and there in the menu is an option for the iPhone Nano, which leads to an enquiry form.

Since manufacturers are likely to receive advance warning of new lines in order to fulfill demand for accessories, is this yet further proof the iPhone Nano is coming soon? Or simply a marketing ploy to cash in on the unfounded gossip?

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  • Rockgeek
    I'd say both.... .... Apple let some blog gossips do their marketing and work for them. They see if there's enough positive interest and then decide on that.
  • Darren
    Good on them, I hope they do launch it, Im sure people will moan about a new Iphone so soon, but then again Nokia seems to launch at least 1 a month!! Nice to see apple giving us some choice other than the size of the phone's Hard drive!
  • Adam
    I have the full size 3G to be honest id want it to be better built like the old version and have better battery life before it being downsized.
  • Mac B.
    [...] Apple could be launching. In recent days there’s been plenty of scuttlebutt concerning an iPhone Nano, but now Electric Pig has gone and muddied the waters further with talk of a MacBook [...]
  • Chilliman
    Apple's products are like a rotten apple, a few simplistic features and they think they are god. They forget the basics though like MMS, camera and other missing features from the iPhone for example, these are basic features that even a £20 phone has. As for their laptops....well, they just take the p**s price wise. I had an iPod Nono Video 4GB in 2008, used it about 6 times, crap, total crap, is that about, it's the most useless piece of software ever created by man. So now they bring out the iPhone Nono, no doubt even less features than it's big brother and no doubt it will cost even more!

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