The iPhone - is there anything it can't do?

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  • Jase
    I was waiting for the day when BitterWallet and Cyanide & Happiness would cross paths!
  • Tim
    If it can't do something, I bet there's a bloody app for it and an annoying advert to go with it.
  • Tosspot
    That's sooooooooo yesterday! lol
  • Nobby
    So not only does the iphone catch fire now, it also makes its owner catch fire too?
  • James
    It can't transfer my contacts via bluetooth from my old nokia N95! Nor can I delete only the missed calls from my recent calls list!
  • dan
    It can't seem to manufacturer itself quick enough!! I've been waiting bloody ages for mine from O2 - what a nightmare - ordered on 29th July and still not got it!! never mind this little post cheered me up no end! :)
  • Mauricio R.
    To answer James 1st point, there's an app for that: Mobyko - it'll back up your n95 contacts and you can then sync them to the iPhone. Job done.
  • The B.
    I can't wait to be rid of the bastard, my contract's up at the end of December and I'll be off to Android, good riddance to bad rubbish.
  • minstrelman
    it cant get you laid....... eblieve me I show it off to every woman i see, I still I masturbate furiously alone..... not even an app to crack me off either. bad times.
  • Rob S.
    It can't last longer than 12 hours without a charge which is pretty rubbish
  • Rob S.
    connect to the internet half the time. the o2 server is rubbish and regulary breaks down
  • Rob S.
    it can't work for more than 2 without needing rwesetting due to the screens freezing up
  • Steve A.
    My first iPhone 3GS lasted barely six hours between charges, and I took it back as faulty, got a replacement and the replacement just ran for about 36 hours before being flat. I've found that leaving 3G switched on, with self-refreshing 'news' websites active in Safari is a recipe for disaster. Shut Safari down properly and switch off 3G when not in use, and it actually beats my old TYTNII for battery life. I'm a recent convert, having been a devoted skeptic.

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