The iPhone doormat that says "I'm lonely and slightly pathetic"

Because your life is hollow and in need of technology to fill the gaping social hole, you'll no doubt be ordering one of these iPhone-inspired doormats as soon as you can tear your eyes away from it:

Just imagine the seconds of fun you'll have simply staring at its molded plastic contours, followed by the countless tales you'll regale of how visitors actually tried to open the door by sliding on it! Ah ha! Ah ha ha ha! You're the man, and you know it.

[Meninos] via [Gizmodiva]


  • TJ
  • ed
    why is this blog so obsessed with the iPhone?
  • phatboy123
    BitterWallet, proud sponsors of apple.
  • Adam2050
    Need...... Oh dear..
  • goonertillidie
    how do i open the door......
  • him
    I'm stuck in this room the slider has jammed, any one have a jail break crowbar handy? what ever next.
  • Rin S.
    or someone will wipe shit on it, ideal really
  • Fucking M.
    Iphones suck ballzzz
  • barry
    The iphone haters cannot bear to move forward with technology - they are stuck in their windows/nokia world, it took years for them to understand those and they are clinging on to them for dear life. Although there might be a simpler reason - they are just poor - oh well hate wjat you can't afford!
  • numberwang
    /\ wjat? move forward with technology.... dont you mean hold back technology? so they can rape more £££ from cool people like you by adding a new feature (that nokia's have had for years) each time they bring out a new model? Seriously though, go outside for a change and you might find that there's more to life than blowing all your McDonald's wages on some gay phone that you think defines you.
  • The B.
    [...] The iPhone doormat that says “I’m lonely and slightly pathetic” | BitterWallet Jump to Comments The iPhone doormat that says “I’m lonely and slightly pathetic” | BitterWallet. [...]
  • David W.
    Why is the mat placed for when people LEAVE the room? DOn't you want them to clean their feet BEFORE entering it?
  • tom
    haha all you iphone users are nobs theres plenty of phones out there that are alot better than the iphone and alot cheaper . but hey if you want to be running along like a sheep with the flock thats up to you. give me my sony ericsson anyday
  • Darren W.
    TOM - just because you have an iphone doesnt mean your a nob. having a Sony Ericsson could mean your a nob as well... just because a phone enters the market with such brand power making it one of THE phones of 2008 and 2009 doesnt mean that your sheep. it just means you like a brand, enjoy a brand and want a brand... its like when people moan you cant forward texts and do MMS, all that means is that phone isn't for you, doesnt make it SH*TE!
  • Ryan
    What is it with iPhone haters? If you were so happy with your own phone you wouldn't bother slagging off others. I'm more than happy with my iPhone, I don't go slagging off other phones, What does it solve? Nothing.. grow up the lot of you. Not one phone is suitable for everyone.
  • Rich
    I'm sure someone will develop an app for this for the iPhone, maybe it could calculate the ammount of dirt on the shoes, then calculate how many wipes on the matt are required and at what pressure. Look out on the app store, it'll be on it's way very soon. I have to add, I'm not an iPhone hater, even tho I don't have one.
  • Dave
    Tom: Sony Eriksson have made some of the worst phones I've ever had the misfortune to use.
  • Bob
    how do we know its on in the inside of the room. it might be in a lobby of an apartment block
  • Darren W.
    RICH it would be better if you wiped your feet across the lock and your front door unlocked, now that would be brilliant.
  • Stupidcat4
  • Girls B.
    [...] can just about get away with the doormat and we still think the coasters look pretty decent around the home. But not this. [...]

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