The iPhone 4G is (or might be) here! And it is (or might be) slightly taller!

iphone4g_a Believe it or not, but we’ve checked the records and apparently we haven’t ran a story about the iPhone since 2008, so here’s one now. It’s a preview of the new iPhone 4G model that is said to be on its way later in the year, and widespread changes are afoot!

The source of the rumour is iResQ, a complicatedly-named iPhone repair shop who we’ve never heard of, but their findings are sweeping The Internet so we’re happy to report them as hardcore facts.

iResQ claim to have in their possession a front panel component of what may or may not become the iPhone 4G and the great news is that it will be one fourth of an inch of taller than its current incarnation!

They also speak in hushed tones of a “reflective, mirror-like surface” near the top of the phone’s front panel, and word is that this is almost certainly a relocated proximity sensor, which could mean that the sensor could be used for other, brand new functions. Blimey.

With all of that in mind, here are some new rumours that we’d like to introduce to the global conversation regarding the 4G iPhone…

  • The 4 in 4G represents the additional fourth of an inch in height that the phone will have.
  • The added space in the iPhone’s casing will house a tiny container filled with brandy for the owner to use in an emergency.
  • The newly-positioned proximity sensor at the top of the iPhone will act as a dream catcher – swipe at the air with the phone and it will detect dreams that you can then watch at your leisure via its iPod feature.
  • The proximity sensor will also be able to detect animal faeces from a distance of up to twenty metres, making it invaluable whenever you’re trying to sniff out bullshit.


  • The B.
    Will it actually work though? Or will it fall over and break every time I apply an update like my current one does? Nexus one, here I come.
  • coldmocha
    I shall now prepare to spam this thread as an HTC fanboy, similar to how every other phone article is spammed by iFone fanboys. Pfft, HD2 is better.
  • Rolly
    Even though all Apple kit is low spec, and priced like diamonds I still buy it because its pretty. And everyone else has one.
  • dunfyboy
    Wow! Now there'll be 4 types of iphone that'll be a joy to use, with all the functionality of a 5 year old phone.
  • Mr G.
    The extra quarter of an inch houses a tiny Nokia 3310, which allows the user to make phone calls
  • Katy T.
    I agree with Steve Jobs about no phonen is perfect but not many phone has such problem with the antena

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