The dream screen - bendable, unbreakable, highly loveable

God damn blimey crikey – look at THIS! (But try not to listen to the music – it’s pretty off-putting.)

Although this footage (from Samsung it seems) appears to have been around since before Christmas, it’s gone viral all over the place in the last couple of days. It’s a bendable, unbreakable video screen – no doubt some of you will be along shortly to inform us that it actually appeared in The Times in 1863 and that we’re even further off the pace than we think we are, but we are agog at this one.

We don’t know whether it’s LED or LCD or OLED or P-OLED or ARSEH-OLED – all we know is that we want a gadget incorporating this screen that we can use and we want it NOW!

Actually, once you’ve watched it two or three times, that tune really starts to burrow its way into your brain doesn’t it?

[The Chive]


  • Joff
    I only watched this for the music, who cares about bendy screens!?
  • Samuel
    It's an OLED screen.
  • wabbo
    No screens were harmed in the making of this video..... wait, oh....
  • Tom
    what a shit phone, it doesnt even come in a case
  • Jack
    Amazing! Was skeptical at first with the hammer shit which could easily be fake, but the bending of the screen with moving images on it is clear.
  • Junkyard
    You know damn well what kind of screen it is, the woman in the song sings it on the chorus: "AMOLED, AMOLED..."
  • Alan
    I think they should do this with an iPad to show what a worthless piece of crap they are.
  • Gunn
    Is that the kind of European tests products go through? seems a bit cowboy
  • AK The video for the song is even better ;)
  • Smokin’ B.
    [...] from Sony that you can wrap around a pencil. Look – it’s even more malleable than Samsung’s unbreakable screen that we featured a while [...]
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