The Bitterwallet Christmas Box: Gift 6 – the ultimate idiot iPhone case

If you’re an iPhone owner who feels a bit guilty or self-concious about the fact the fact that you’re so hip, smart and hyper-modern, why not invest in something that will still allow you to make calls with your Jesus Phone, while looking like a complete and utter tit at the same time.


Hailing from Urban Outfitters and selling for a barely-believable £30, it’s an iPhone case with an old-school telephone handset glued on to it – a perfect way for us to root out who all the bell ends are without having to engage them in conversation first.

If you see anyone brandishing one of these and feel like kicking them firmly in the backs of their knees, you have our official Bitterwallet blessing…



  • Jonathon I.
    Siri, do I look like a cunt?
  • Dick
    It does really need a curly cable and the main telephone body to look authentic though.
  • Mike H.
    "... so hip, smart and hyper-modern" Mistake. That should read, "a cunt" Please rectify
  • Bloke
    It would be more appropriate if it had a bell on the end.
  • The B.
    Jesus, I nearly missed a chance to bore everybody AGAIN with how I think the world's XX million iPhone users are all fools, and that I'm so completely superior in every way I have to make up for my tiny dick by pretending to know everything. Normal service has been resumed.

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