Apple keynote - iTunes 9, iPod Nano Video, LPs and FM?

You've been asking for more Apple-related posts on Bitterwallet and we're always happy to oblige you, the kind reader. So here's the motherlode; if you missed this evening's keynote event which saw the return of liver-rich Steve Jobs, here are the highlights:

- new firmware; OS 3.1 for the iPod Touch with new features, including Genius for apps - Genius will suggest apps based on the apps you own

- 30,000 ringtones from major labels will be available for the iPhone, priced at $1.29 (UK price - probably 99p, we'd guess)

- iTunes 9, which should be available this evening and includes:

  • Genius mixes
  • improved syncing
  • the ability to share songs between authorised computers
  • app management (drag, drop and delete apps, move between pages)
  • iTunes LP (known previous as Cocktail) - interactive photos, videos,  memorabilia, chronology, liner notes and all that old stuff that the elderly will remember getting with LPs when music was still music and had a tune you could hum, etc
  • iTunes Extras, which are DVD-style bonus features for films
  • arrows next to the buy buttons which let you gift items, add them to a wishlist or share on Facebook or Twitter

- a 64GB iPod Touch for $399 (£279, perhaps) as well as a 32GB for $299 and a new entry level price for the 8GB Touch at $199 (probably £149 in the UK, we reckon)

- the iPod Classic gets a memory upgrade - 160GB for $249

- the iPod Shuffle is available in new colours at a new price - $59 for 2GB, $79 for 4GB and a stainless steel 4GB special edition for $99

Bitterwallet - Apple Keynote event

- Apple takes on the Flip, by adding a video camera to the iPod Nano, with one-click send to YouTube; it'll also have a voice recorder app, a pedometer, external speaker and an FM radio. The 8GB will be $149, the 16GB is $179.

Photos from CrunchGear - thanks to MacFormat for the live blog!


  • Amanda H.
    The pedometer sounds useful. They'd have to test each one to make sure it works properly. Have they got Gary Glitter in the QA dept?
  • aj d.
    The prices are up in the store.
  • Brian2
    SO, NO NEW iPhone with wicked new features...very disappointed
  • Paul N.
    Yeah have to say very underwhelming.
  • Robin
    Nice summary, thanks. BTW it's spelt Motherlode. Motherload is that silly digging game.
  • numberwang
    Hi Paul, The groundbreaking O2 story was class! can we have more novelty news please?? much more interesting...
  • Brian2
    That's not the real "Paul Nikkel", because his name would be high-lighted in RED if he was Paul Nikkel (AKA owner of BW & HUKD). I guess it's that Mike Cock dude in disguise.
  • Brian2
    Paul Nikkel, also owner of Quidco.....& where's my cashback from the DELL deal!!!!
  • Strawberry D.
    Nice one Apple, you tell me to update to iTunes 9 and now it won't run. You're all a crock of shit. Come back to me when you've fixed it.
  • Paul S.
    Thanks Robin :) It was a little disappointing yesterday - and is it just me, or does the new iTunes Store look half-finished in places?
  • Nobby
    Amazon have the new nanos on pre-release at £115. Presumably old stock will have to come down in price significantly to shift it.
  • c m.
    bitterwallet proud home of the iphone sheep,pathetic write something worth reading and not about crapple products
  • Noghar
    They have a nerve boasting about 30,000 ringtones for a quid each when you can make your own free ones with two minutes of effort and a bare minimum of expertise. The only really interesting feature IMHO is voice control for the iPhone via bluetooth - at last the iPhone will be able to do things my six-year old Nokia brick could manage.
  • The B.
    Updated my iphone 3gs with the new software last night and it died. Not really the improvement I was looking for.
  • Steve G.
    It is an improvement though
  • kitchenaid s.
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