The Android Toys R Us tablet PC - the cheap gets even cheaper

21 October 2010

So you're loving your Next tablet PC, but you're thinking to yourself:

"£180 just doesn't seem cheap enough for this jalopy of a machine - how can I pay even less and still regret spending so little?"

Well, wonder no more, folks - Toys R Us are the latest high street brand to unleash the power of the mediocre 10" tablet PC on the unsuspecting public. This time it's an eTouch product, with a similar spec to the Elonex tablet flogged by Next - you'll remember the reviews if you read them.

Bitterwallet - Toys R Us tablet

Despite the fact that resistive screens are only suitable for a stylus (iPads and most touchscreen mobiles use capacitive screens), that hasn't stopped Toys R Us marketing their tablet to the contrary:

"Navigation is done simply through a flick of your fingers... resistive touch panel for fingertip navigation."

No. Wrong. At best it's confusing - consumers will expect touchscreen interface that requires only a light tap and slide of the finger, whereas what they'll experience is the trauma that Rory Cellan-Jones went through with his Next tablet PC. At worst, it's a misleading description of the device.

Unless there's something very unexpected housed behind that 10" screen, Toys R Us are going to be flooded with complaints and returns after Christmas, unimpressed by the yawning gap between personal expectations and promises made, and reality.


  • Nobby
    I'm holding back for the Primark version.
  • Poosan B.
    "that isn't stopped Toys R Us" Bravo. :)
  • Apple F.
    This story is bollocks. We demand to know more about the new super-thin MacBook Air. Cheers
  • Peter G.
    Where does it mention anything about a stylus on their website?? It doesn't! They've just worded it wrong. Well done for making up a story out of nothing...
  • SimonB
    I think what he is trying to say is that resistive screens are suited to stylus rather than finger use. Ipso Facto any "pad" product worth it's salt should be using a capacitive screen. Basically the story is that Toys R Us are selling a shoddy product.
  • Ianp
    another storey from Applewallet sorry Bitterwallet;or was I right the first time?
  • Paul S.
    Ianp - sober up, sunshine. Peter - go back and read the story.
  • DragonChris
    +1 with Paul. Trolls will be trolls. It's a pity Samsung have outpriced themselves as as the moment, they are the iPads only competition. These other poor imitations are it appears a waste of time and money - As the article suggests, there may be a few disappointments on Christmas should they unwrap this cheap monstrosity. I still don't buy into the whole tablet bullshit. Having played with a few Win 7 tablets, I can safely say there is no substitute for a mouse and keyboard. I've played with the iPad (in the shop, I admit) and do not see the appeal. Still looking for the perfect netbook personally!
  • person
    @DragonChris - I agree that Windows 7 tablets are useless (still rely too heavily on having a keyboard and mouse) but I do think Android and WebOS (when it eventally re-appears in a tablet from HP) show a lot of promise for a tablet Tablets may not be for everyone, but I personally can see myself using one for web-browsing, backing up photo's/video's on the go, perhaps even doing some basic editing those videos and photos. But I dont think the current pricing of the iPad and Samsung is anywhere near were it should be, these tablets have LESS functionality than a notebook, so should be priced accordingly at around £250 - £300. Heres hoping the upcoming Advent Vega and Archos 101 (both 10" capacative screens with a 1Ghz processor for £250) take off in this market as someone has to drag down these companies that think tablets are worth stupid money

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