The ancient myth of the Apple tablet - caught on camera?

The iProd is a half-arsed name but then so is the iPhone 3GS, and in the case of the iProd that's probably only a working title. So until Steve Jobs gets around to rubber-stamping the real name of the strongly rumoured tablet device, we'll just have to live with it. Not for long though, because if it's on the way, we can probably expect it sometime next month.

But what does this mythical digital media device - of little more substance than a 10" screen - actually look like? A couple of videos have emerged in the last 24 hours, seemingly shot by an attention-deficient technician at Apple HQ. You don't get to see much:

The problem with it is you don't see the tablet itself; if you're going to film a top secret product for the world to wet itself over, most people would want to know what the bloody thing looked like.

We hoped there was a slim chance it might be real, because one of the biggest question marks over a larger tablet device based on the iPhone OS is how it handles apps, since no App Store application is going to scale properly to fit a larger screen. Will it mean the development of new apps is required? At a later date almost certainly, but this doesn't show that happening - instead it simply opens up iPhone apps at the original dimensions.

There's also this video of the iProd, which shows it being operated through a piece of development kit. The interface is near-identical to the first video, except for the app names displayed underneath.

It's possible the videos are of the same product at two stages in development. It's possible one of them is a fake. It's also possible all of this is bullshit and we'll have to wait until Steve Jobs walks on stage and tells the world. Until then, what we do know is this - every 15 seconds, somebody on the planet is furiously beating themselves off into a sock while watching it.



  • -_-
    The word 'iProd' is a generic term apple uses for new products, it simple means 'product'. In other words they haven’t named the new device yet. Anywhos... this video clearly is fake (as if no one else could notice) =P
  • Jeffrey A.
    Jesus, worst fake product video I've seen in a while, anyway.
  • Paul S.
    Both of them? One of them? Come on lads, talk us through it. I think the use of the apps in the posted video is interesting. Bothering to show a controller in the video we linked to is interesting. Not seeing the actual table is a lot of cock.
  • Bullet
    IProd is the opposite of an ICatholic or IJew.
  • Lumoruk
    read the comments on youtube paul, a lot of good points to it being fake
  • Paul S.
    I've read them. As said, I think not showing anything other than a screen makes it suspect in both cases. There are a couple of features you'd expect to see on the final device that'd make me hopeful, but alas you're right.
  • Bill G.
    Does it run on Windows?

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