Can I get a refund for Mobile Me, Apple?

Bitterwallet - Mobile Me refundLast night, Apple began its Worldwide Develop Conference in San Francisco by unveiling its new operating system, Lion, and iOS5, the upcoming operating system for mobile devices. It's only now, some 15 hours later, that the collective sound of twenty-something year olds furiously masturbating has died down enough to stop frightening animals.

Within the space of two hours, Apple executives butchered their way through a dozen start-ups and competitors, revealing new iOS features that mimicked what Android has done for several years (lock screen notices, notifications) and what companies old and new have received millions in investment to develop (messaging apps, group file syncing, saving and sharing web pages). It all looks great, but suspiciously familiar. You can see what's in-store in the videos below.

Another announcement to come out of the keynote, was the scrapping of Mobile Me, a paid-for service that stored and synced information across multiple devices. It'll be replaced by Apple's new service, iCloud, but a lot of customers were left wondering whether they're entitled to a refund. The answer is yes - if you're one of them, all the information you need is here, but here's the the summary:

If you had an unused activation code or if it was used for 45 days or less
You will receive a full refund, minus any shipping costs or rebates that were applied to your original purchase.

If your activation code was used for 46 days or more
You will receive a pro-rated refund, minus any shipping costs or rebates that were applied to your original purchase.


  • Andrew R.
    I was lucky, my family pack (£89.99) was up for renewal on the 8th (tomorrow). I saw you could no longer buy it in retail stores or on fleabay, so I guessed something was up in that they were going to sack it off/give it free and waited until the outcome of the WWDC to renew it - bonus! Mine's now been extended until 30th Jun 2012 free of charge (for all my family accounts too).
  • Mistery S.
    Mine ran out last month, but I did not renew it since I knew tihs was coming. Got an email this morning, it seems apple have re-activated my account and given me an extention till 30th June also. All my contacts and emails are still in there too... im not sure if that is good or bad, but still... free is free.
  • Happy A.
    The Lion OS looks good, might have been tempted if I had an Apple desktop - especially at that price. (Disclaimer - happy Linux user, but not much of a techy) The IOS5 seems to be mainly catch up with the opposition (Android & Blackberry, but not Windows obviously!) Although the Web browser is better than what comes by default on Android at least. Overall not worth downgrading for. (Disclaimer - happy Android owner, so that usually counts me out as having a valid opinion)
  • ngih t.
    Thank you for your feedback.

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