Tesco offering 4G for free

31 January 2014

4Gmasts Tesco Mobile are getting serious in their bid to start challenging the big boys of the phone industry and are offering 4G for free.

As of now, existing customers can have access to 4G for no charge; until recently they've charged £2.50 for using the super-fast service, but they've decided to ditch it to woo customers to their services.

Furthermore, anyone who has been paying the premium will get the money they've spent back from Tesco on each of their monthly bills. At the time of writing, the only people who will benefit from this change are those with a Tesco SIM and those on monthly contracts. There's talk of the same deal for those on pay as you go, but nothing has been confirmed.

Simon Groves, chief marketing officer, said, "As a network we hope that this move will challenge others in the market and encourage the industry to follow suit."

"We want to see 4G with no extra cost become the norm and networks making the very latest technologies accessible for all."

Is this enough to make you want to switch mobile provider?


  • Chewbacca
    Fuck yer moderation
  • klingelton
    I don't care. I'm as likely to move to Tesco Mobile as BW are to change their "Feral trolley of the week" feature.
  • John h.
    I hate that trolley

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