Tesco offer 18 month SIM-only contracts

mobile apps Tesco Mobile are offering a new thing to customers in the shape of some 18-month SIM-only contracts. They reckon they're the first to do it and we can't be bothered to check out whether or not that's right.

What we're more interested in, is the prices. Deals start from £10 a month and come with 4G and Capped Contracts, in a bid to help you avoid any nasty, surprise phone bills.

SIM-only contracts tend to be 12 months in length, but Tesco’s chief marketing officer Simon Groves reckons that customers want to make more of a commitment and would like to have longer deals, provided they're getting decent value for money.

"These data rich deals are available for anyone who is in the market for making savvy mobile choices and are happy with their handset," said Groves. "Our customers told us that they are happy to commit to a deal for a longer period of time if it means they don’t have to worry about looking around for the best deal."

Tesco think that customers will be able to save hundreds of pounds per year thanks to these SIM-only deals. You'd have to assume the main saving comes from not having to pay off a handset in the bargain.

The two 18-month tariffs being introduced by Tesco are £10 a month for 1,000 minutes, 5,000 texts and 1GB of data, or if you prefer, you can get the £12.50 a month deal for 1,500 minutes, 5,000 texts and 2GB of data.

With these, you'll be able to access Tesco Mobile’s Anytime Upgrade package, which allows you to upgrade your handset, but you won't have to pay the remaining time on your contract and there'll be no termination fees.

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  • Henry C.
    or just go with GiffGaff, £12 a month for 500mins, unlimited texts and 3Gb internet, and you're not tied into a contract for a year and a half.

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