Tesco Mobile scraps EU roaming

Tesco Mobile roaming

Tesco Mobile are going to scrap mobile roaming in the EU, which will allow their customers to use their tariffs in 31 countries throughout Europe.

This will be available to customers on both PAYG plans, and monthly users. However, it is for a limited time - this will only be on offer through summer, specifically, from May to September.

Now, this actually follows the European Parliament decision to get rid of all roaming charges by 2017, but it is nice of Tesco do run this promotion in advance of that.

There's been numerous campaigns to get rid of arbitrary roaming costs for mobile users, and authorities have been trying to stop mobile operators from bleeding mobile users dry.

The EU will introduce their regulation on 30th April 2016, in a bid to force the hand of mobile companies. Tesco Mobile believe they're not only being proactive, but going one further.

CMO Simon Groves said: "We want our customers to enjoy their holiday without having to worry about the cost of using their phones. So we decided, why wait until 2017 to banish roaming? Let's help our customers and give them a taste of what's to come."

Three and iD are also doing a similar thing to this, which is going to heap pressure on other mobile providers to do the same.

We're looking at you Vodafone and EE.

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