Tesco announces £6 mobile tariff - is it good value for you?

Bitterwallet - tesco logoOur 41 year old Prime Minister may know the secret location of the country's cheap booze stash, but we've stumbled across a dirt-cheap mobile. And unlike Dave 'I've got a lot of hair for a bald guy' Cameron, we're happy to share.

Tesco have just battered the cost of monthly tariffs into submission with what they're claiming is the UK's cheapest mobile phone contract. The SIM-only contract costs just £6 a month, will be available online and will give customers unlimited texts and 100 minutes a month. It's a one-month rolling contract, and Clubcard points are available on the monthly bill. Yay.

According to the guff, research from Tesco shows that 16 to 24 year olds are text maniacs but also the highest spending age group for mobile contracts, with just under a third spending more than £30 a month on their mobile bills. Of course the same age group may talk for more than 100 minutes a month, meaning that plenty of monthly bills will no doubt be in excess of £6 a month. It's worth pointing out that local and national calls with Tesco Mobile will cost you 20p per minute, but they don't mention that in their press release. And there's no data bundled in with this tariff, which would be an additional cost on top.

It's a useful tariff if you have enlarged thumbs, just ensure texting is your primary use of your mobile before signing up; paying £15 a month will get you a one-month rolling tariff, but with 500 minutes and inclusive data.


  • Ash
    They've been saying they are selling the iPhone 4 since the 24 June, but not actually ever had any in stock......When will it happen :-(
  • Mark
    The £15 a month one which includes unlimited Wi-Fi, I cant see any * for fair use or capped at 500mb etc.. but it is on O2 Anybody?
  • PaulH
    @Ash They had some at the Prestwich store in Manchester...so you better live in Manchester
  • Richard
    They are just reacting to the other O2 VMO giffgaff.com who are offering 100mins and Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Internet & FREE Calls between Giffgaff calls for £5 a month. Lets hope these VMOs keep battling and pushing the price down Personally thin GiffGaff.com have the edge at the moment as its true PAYG and owned by O2 themselves.
  • christian
    "The £15 a month one which includes unlimited Wi-Fi" Wi-Fi is always unlimited. When it says 'unlimited' it plays on peoples misunderstanding. Wi-Fi has nothing to do with the cellular company. Only 3G and Edge etc counts as your data. I always laugh when it says that - it's like telling you that your laptop has unlimited free Wi-Fi.
  • maxtweenie
    @christian. I think you've misunderstood. The wi-fi it relates to is free access to BT Openzone which is a pay as you go wi-fi network. Obviously no-one can charge you to use your own wi-fi connection!
  • Mark
    ' christian, sorry, I meant to say data! So anybody have any idea if they cap the data?
  • Paul C.
    According to the iPhone tariffs weren't they capping data at 1GB?
  • Johnters
    I've contacted Tesco every week since iPhone 4 release and they've never had any. :(
  • maxtweenie
    @ Mark & Paul Coia; "Unlimited calls, texts, web & data: fair use policy applies. Monthly data allowance 500Mb. Unlimited and flat rate calls and texts are to 01, 02, 03, voicemail and UK mobiles only, chargeable calls/text to these numbers are 20p per minute. Minimum contract term applies. SIM Only: rolling contract." Took me ages to find it. The little sods hid it very well on their site.
  • -]
    Richard, the problem with giffgaff is that, as far as I can see, it is only £5 until 31st august - after that it goes back upto £10.
  • duncan
    Can anyone point to a link on tesco website that has this offer? I cannot see it
  • -]
    I'd give you a link, but my posts are moderated whenever I include it. :/
  • Kevin
    I'm getting rather pissed off about the lack of iphone4's at Tescos as well. And so are the staff in the stores as they have no idea whats coming in and when, it's just pot luck apparently. But I don't want to get one from the store, I want to get one from the website.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Tesco announces £6 mobile tariff – is it good value for you? [...]
  • OllieP
    Well this £6 a month deal from Tesco was great for a couple of months, then we put the sim in an iPhone 3g. We were blissfully unaware of any data charges until a couple of days later the phone was blocked (no outgoing calls or texts allowed) For some inexplicable reason everytime we used the phone for browsing, pulling in mail etc (We thought it was browsing etc from the home wifi which it was connected to) We racked up £44 from gprs browsing (£4 a minute apparently) and no way known to turn off the Iphones data feed... What a shambles.. Expensive lesson learnt. We have gone back to using a blackberry where data is not activated.
  • telefon
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