Ten Of The Best from Bitterwallet's year that was - numbers 10 and 9...

Because it’s the time of year for doing such things, we’re going to waste a small portion of everybody’s time over the next few days looking back at the ten most popular Bitterwallet stories to have graced your VDUs over the past year.

Today we give you numbers ten and nine – check back tomorrow for another couple and feel free to speculate about what shook the world of our readers the most in 2009.

iphone_unlock 10: How to enable internet tethering on a UK iPhone

In June, we passed on a hack that enabled users of jailbroken iPhones that were being used on a non-O2 network to enable internet tethering on their phones as well as allowing O2 users to dodge the sky-high tethering charge levied by O2 themselves. Wow – it seems like such a long time ago (pre-3GS) and we’re not even sure if it still works anymore. Anyone?

Only slightly more popular than… ‘How to write the word ‘boobless’ on your calculator.’

9: Want to cancel your T-Mobile contract? Here’s how to do it

Bitterwallet - T-MobileBack in September, it looked as though T-Mobile customers had a rock solid case for cancelling their contracts after the phone giants ramped up their roaming charges by as much as 120%. Our legal eagles agreed, and we came up with this extensive guide showing T-Mobile customers how they could bail out of their agreement early and without penalty.

Many of you had a bash but found that T-Mobile were ready for you, stubbornly stonewalling your bids for freedom at every turn, refusing to yield and referring you to a complex series of appeal-shaped hoops that you would have to jump through before escaping from their clutches.

In our view, they were screwing their paying customers, but the whole thing proved that regulations are still stacked massively in favour of the mobile service providers. No doubt it’s an area that we’ll return to in 2010…

Only slightly more popular than… ‘How to modify Snakes on your Nokia so that they spill out of the top of your phone’


  • Paul N.
    Nope the iphone trick stopped working on phones which upgraded to OS 3.1
  • Party P.
    Come on, the 29p mp3 albums from Amazon has got to be in there somewhere. I bought about 30, as did everyone else I emailed about it.
  • dunfyboy
    I'm still fighting the twats that are T Mobile. Sorry, didn't mean to say twats on a public forum. I meant lying, thieving, law-breaking fuckers. I can see why they're sticking to their guns. They know now they've come this far they might as well try to keep screwing their customers as next year they'll all piss off somewhere else and won't be back.

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