Tax app is launched to furious excitement

taxbillAre you confused by taxes? If you are, that blessed government of ours have launched a phone app which will apparently help you out. The app will calculate how much tax you pay as well as showing you where the money goes, or if you prefer, shows you exactly how it's being wasted by a bunch of pink-faced berks in cheap suits.

HMRC reckon that over half of taxpayers don't know how much income tax and NI they pay each year, so this app is designed to make the whole thing more 'transparent'.

This new calculator enables you to enter your weekly, monthly or annual earnings and it'll work out exactly how much tax you pay. Just in case you fancy becoming massively depressed at how much of your earnings get swiped, that is.

It can be downloaded at the Apple Store or Google Play or if you like, you can get it from the HMRC website. It's a real treat for masochists!


  • Alexis
    Why do we need an app to see the figure everybody gets on their payslip at the end of the month?
  • Mary H.
    Will it also display the cost of the app per taxpayer? Fucking cretinous spastics!
  • The B.
    I had a look at lunchtime, it was down, so I downloaded the app, it was useless, it's basically less useful than the existing web calculators that have been around for 10 years or so. What I want to see is a tax calculator that asks you how much you spend on petrol, cigarettes, alcohol, eating out, general shopping, fuel, etc and then tells you how much you're being shafted for tax, I'm guessing you can take your basic % and slap another 20% on. Oh and it would be nice if they could remind you that anything you don't squander before your death will be fucked at 40% too.
  • Confused f.
    [...] phone app that will tell you how your taxes are being spent released by …Daily MailTax app is launched to furious excitementBitterwalletall 37 news [...]
  • Sicknote
    It doesn't work.......same shit, different day down at the Tax Office then.
  • zax
    Shite country. No wonder all of us have become expats. Incoem tax, NI ( to pay for fat immigrants with 8 kids and their £1 m mansion ), council tax, TV license ( for shite BBC shows ) ... just tax and tax....
  • Dick
    They have some asian people in the tax office as well. Obviously no blacks though.

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