TalkTalk to get rid of separate line rental charge

TalkTalk Line Rental

We've spoken about people being annoyed that they have to pay for their landline, when they feel they're not using it.

Obviously, you need a landline to get your broadband service, but what is irritating consumers is the fact that many companies sell theirs with call packages which aren't being used - could things be more transparent, or cheaper?

The government, the Advertising Standards Authority, and a number of consumer groups have been talking about this, and now, TalkTalk have cottoned on to this, and are axing separate line rental charges.

TalkTalk have said that they think they're the first major broadband provider to get rid of this separate pricing, so instead, customers will have a single monthly cost, including line rental.

Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk's Consumer Managing Director, said: "As long as line rental and broadband are priced separately, the temptation to advertise deals in this way will always be there."

"But it's time for providers be honest about this - it's a bad habit we have all been guilty of, it doesn't serve customers well and it's time it stopped. That's why we agree with the Government, the consumer groups and the ASA; and why we called on the regulator, Ofcom, last year to address the problem."

"We want to make things simpler and fairer for customers. People deserve to know they are getting value for money and, as the value for money provider, TalkTalk is going to fight hard to ensure customers get the transparency they deserve. But TalkTalk can't do this alone. Until other providers follow our lead, households across the UK risk being misled by seemingly good deals that all too often mask extra charges."

This new, all-in-one price will become available to anyone taking a new package and existing customers who are re-contracting. Get in touch with them if you're interested, on 0345 172 0088. For other ways of getting in touch with them, click here.

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