Talk Talk do something nice

TalkTalk Seemingly now aware that no-one in the history of anything has ever said “ooh, call charges. How jolly”, Talk Talk have dropped their charges on landline privacy.

The telecoms giant cut the fee on its Last Caller Barring and Anonymous Caller Reject services on Sunday (19/1). They used to cost £3.25 per month and £3.88 per month respectively – or £86 per year for the pair.

However, further investigations show that TalkTalk is the only one of the major home phone providers which offers these features free. Earlier this month, BT started charging customers £1.75 a month for both its 1571 answerphone service and the caller display feature. Which sounds a bit of a piss-take really.

It says the move will help customers avoid nuisance, scam and unwanted calls, which is doubtful as the beggars still manage to get through somehow.

Anyway, new and existing TalkTalk home phone customers can use it for free now, but if you don't have the services, you'll need to manually activate them by logging into your online TalkTalk account.


  • Captain W.
    Better than those fuckers at BT. If you sign up to their "BT Privacy at home", not only do you pay for it but - get this - in addition to registering you with the Telephone Preference Service to ensure you do not get unwanted marketing calls, they also "update your marketing preferences so you may receive the occasional call from BT group companies letting you know about special offers relevant to you". I shit you not. They take a group of customers who have asked for a service to stop unwanted calls - a service that can be registered freely at tpsonline - and in parallel, register you for their own marketing calls. Cunts.
  • Captain W.
    ^ Actually you don't pay for the privacy at home, just for the caller display element. But they still register you for their own spam, and they're still a gang of cunts.

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