T-Mobile seem to be in no hurry to sort out customer's £500 overcharge...

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile logo - featured There’s nothing quite like social media and ‘the blogosphere’ when it comes to escalating a grievance against a large corporation. Natalie Guest has whipped up a storm against T-Mobile over the past few hours, thanks to her tale of woe about the enormous mobile provider.

It’s all to do with the small matter of her being charged £522.66 instead of the usual monthly £20 for her T-Mobile contract phone. As Natalie said in her email to T-Mobile on August 6th…

"After some investigation via my online billing account, it looks like there has been some form of technical/network error. I went to Germany for 3 days last month (being careful to turn off all data roaming and mobile internet services), and whilst I was there sent a text to my friend Christian, as he used to live in Munich.

For some reason this same text got replicated and sent to him thousands of times. I had no notification of this on my phone – they didn’t appear in my ‘sent’ box – but he did receive the same text multiple times. Thinking it was an issue at his end, he contacted his provider – O2 – who thought it was probably a problem with his handset."

When Natalie brought the textual oddness to the attention of T-Mobile, they said that they would investigate it but couldn’t guarantee a refund and would text her within five working days. As she told T-Mobile…

“…obviously, this was a technical glitch – whether that was one to do with your network or the German network. It wouldn’t be physically possible for me to send the same text 6 times a minute for 3 days without sleeping, even if I had any discernible reason to want to do this. I’ve attached a screenshot (below) so you can see the sort of thing I’m talking about.”


Ten days have gone by and Natalie still hasn’t heard anything back from T-Mobile. In fact she has cancelled her direct debit so that the huge, disputed sum isn’t paid out of her bank account. But, there is SOME communication from them – instead of a resolution of her situation, she says that she is being plagued by…

"•  Daily automated texts from T-Mobile asking me to pay my outstanding bill, in order to avoid an interruption in services.

•  Daily calls from TMobile asking me to pay my bill, from people with no knowledge of the issue. Upon asking them to read through my notes, they say the issue is being “investigated”. I ask them to please stop phoning until some progress has been made, or to put a note on my file asking people not to phone me. They claim that this is impossible as “calls are automated”. I ask whether I’m going to be cut off. They say “not until the 31st, and it should be dealt with by then”. I have absolutely zero confidence that the issue will be dealt with by then.

•  Frequent missed calls (I’ve been in theatres a lot over the past week, so haven’t always been able to pick up) which, once I ring back (which I do, in case the issue has actually been resolved), put me straight back into the TMobile automated service and ask me to press 1 or 2 or whatever. Once I get through to someone, they have no idea what the previous call was about.

•  Frequent (although not quite daily) calls from TMobile telling me I’m a “loyal customer” and so am eligible for some sort of deal.

•  Frequent (although not quite daily) texts from TMobile asking me to rate how I felt my customer service was today. FYI, my ratings are very low at the moment, which I presume is what is triggering the “loyal customer” phone calls."

But nothing regarding the huge bill that Natalie says has been run up in her name in error. Natalie’s blog has been all over Twitter and Facebook today, and it’ll be interesting to see if the blanket of negative publicity for T-Mobile will make them pull their finger out and sort this thing out. We’ll be watching and will keep you informed…

EDIT: As Natalie says in the comments below... "Just had a phonecall from a very lovely and helpful lady called Jacqueline, to tell me that they’ve removed all of the charges for the month & reinstated my account." HOORAY!


  • alan j.
    I used to think ti.mobile were quite good to deal with,until I contacted them at the end of my 18 month contract to cancel it. Great fun!spoke to five different people (including a supervisor ) and got five different answers,five different amounts to pay too.....no apologies,oh and when I got it sorted after two months I got a bill saying about a good will gesture refund on their part....it wasn't good will they'd made a mistake....how hard can it be to look at your account on a computer screen and give you an amount?!?Bunch of wasters....if they were dealing with angry people face-to-face bet you'd get better results...
  • Studley
    I did briefly have half an ounce of sympathy, until I started skimming through her blog and ended up seeing Germaine Greer's minge. Thanks for that, love
  • Angry S.
    I don't get it; after years and years of mounting evidence to the contrary, it seems we still expect mobile operators, and large organisations in general, to give a flying f*** about their customers. Why? What is it that we don't get about our economy and culture? Let me spell it out for you. THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU! They just want your money, and if they screw up they'd much rather you just fucked off somewhere else and stopped bothering them. They have millions of other customers to milk.
  • tin
  • Chewbacca
    Yep, Germain Greers' minge... Possibly the most hated woman on the planet (after Janet fucking Street-Porter), and you go and show us her fucking minge, thanks! Was she not the manly one off the Golden Girls?
  • Chunter
    Has she made tried to make use of the Direct Debit Guarantee? To quote from the Financial Ombudsman's website (http://bit.ly/PplDoq): The direct debit guarantee applies to all banks and building societies taking part in the direct debit scheme. It says that: if there is a change in the amount to be paid or the payment date, the person receiving the payment (the originator) must notify the customer in advance. if the originator or the bank/building society makes an error, the customer is guaranteed a full and immediate refund of the amount paid. customers can cancel a direct debit at any time by writing to their bank or building society.
  • Nikey H.
    Take em to court lassie
  • Savvy S.
    With the power of social media, companies are going to have to re-think their customer service strategies!
  • Muff G.
    left wing lesbian feminist obviously needs blog traffic, you would have thought her friend would have recieved thousands of texts and actually told her to turn her phone off
  • jacky f.
    Im ok with T Moble,its Vodafone i have a problem with,I have not had a signal for 8 months on my pc.their contract says ...if you do not have not a signal for 7 days because of what they have done they will let you leave them,Well they put the signal down in January to improve the signal and ive not been able to use it at home since,but they dont care.Im having to use a 3 dongle on top of my Vodafone contract,i just wish someone would expose them for the robbers they are.
  • Natalie G.
    SORRY ABOUT THE MINGE, YOU GUYYYYYS @muffgrimmers 2/3 ain't bad... PS I don't need the blog traffic, I in fact have plenty. I just want them to actually pull their finger out and DO something.
  • Natalie G.
    UPDATE: SUCCESS! Just had a phonecall from a very lovely and helpful lady called Jacqueline, to tell me that they've removed all of the charges for the month & reinstated my account.
  • Chewbacca
    @Natalie 2/3? Which one did he get wrong? :-) And there is no need, EVER for Germaine Greers Growler (sea wit eye dyd thar?). Indeed, there is no need for Germaine Greer full stop. I mean, did she realise early on in life that she was a total munter and then decided to be a man hater?
  • Andy D.
    Thanks for letting us know Natalie. Glad it's sorted....
  • Wonkey D.
    Hey Natalie, You look nice. Would you like to accompany me on a promenade through old London town one evening? I know where the fox dens are!
  • Ian P.
    By process of elmination: Left wing feminist - not possible without being lesbian Lesbian feminist - not possible without being left wing Left wing lesbian - ureeka
  • Wongaporkpies
    T-Mobile a bunch of fucktards I used to work for them, and was owed a lot of commission, they decided to refurb the store which meant budgets were cut which = nobody hit targets which was complete bullshit
  • Chewbacca
    @Wongaporkpies It's evident they employ only the cream of the crop, judging by your faultless prose.
  • Driver c.
    Would rather chew the end off my cock than deal with Tmobile again. Talk about making a house move and contract end difficult.

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