T-Mobile increase roaming costs: can you cancel your T-Mobile contract?

[UPDATE 16/9 - we've now published a full guide to help you cancel your T-Mobile contract. You'll find it here.]

It seems T-Mobile are trying to get away with ramping up the cost of international roaming, and they're giving their customers no say in the matter whatsoever. When we asked for your help this morning in providing feedback and information, we weren't expecting a response so quickly. This kind of behaviour by mobile phone companies really matters to you, and when you look at the charges T-Mobile are forcing on customers, you can understand why.

This is the current state of play; in the last couple of days, T-Mobile have sent texts to customers that state:

“From 26 October we’re changing some of roaming rates outside the EU, to find out how these changes affect you when you’re abroad see t-mobile.co.uk/row”

When you visit the T-Mobile website, you discover that in some instances the cost of receiving and making calls while abroad will increase from 50p to £1.20 - an increase of 140%. The new charges will apply to all T-Mobile pay-as-you-go and contract customers, as well as business customers who have received the text message.

This should give customers the right to cancel, because it means being unable to use their mobile abroad without paying far higher charges than agreed to when signing their contract. However, T-Mobile are telling customers that international roaming is an "additional service", according to Bitterwallet readers:

"i said but surely when i signed up the price of calls was 55p a min yet you’re increasing those prices, surely thats of detriment to me, they classed roaming a “Service” and said it doesnt form part of your contract so they can do what they want, whats to stop them saying right when you go abroad we’ll charge you £100 a min, and you have no option but to accept that!"

"They said to me that roaming charges are NOT part of my contract hence the reason why I can’t cancel…"

That's where we're up to, so let's begin with a look at the current terms of service for all contract customers - you'll find them for yourself here (the link opens a PDF document). The conditions for cancelling a contract are straight forward:

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile clause 2.11.2Bitterwallet - T-Mobile clause 7

Such a massive increase in roaming charges will obviously be of material detriment to anybody who goes abroad in the future. The big question is - is roaming an additional service, or a core service? The answer has massive implications; if roaming is classed as an additional service, it effectively gives the provider the right to charge whatever they like for calls, leaving the customer with no choice but to either pay them or not use their mobile.

First, let's look at T-Mobiles own wording on what an additional service is:

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile additional service definition

But according to their own website, roaming is a service already included with every T-Mobile handset on any T-Mobile contract:

Bitterwallet - every T-Mobile handset has roaming

This states roaming isn't an Additional Service, because it is inherent to the phone and contract. It's not a feature you add to your phone - you and T-Mobile both accepted this functionality when you entered your contract.

Furthermore, the T-Mobile website doesn't treat roaming as an additional service - on this page you'll find additional services you can add to your contract. All involve paying an additional fee for bundled services and all have their own terms and conditions, entirely separate from the main terms of service.

So where are the terms and conditions for roaming? They're in the standard Terms of Service - in fact the terms are littered with references to it. So if roaming is part of every customer's T-Mobile contract, how can it possibly be a service that is offered in addition to your contract?

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile clause 2.10Bitterwallet - T-Mobile clause 3.7

Look at that last clause - the Terms of Service state that use of roaming may be mandatory if the T-Mobile network cannot provide service. How can an additional service be mandatory?

We could go on, but there's really no need. The bottom line is this - roaming is a core service offered by T-Mobile. It is not marketed, sold or contracted like any other additional service available from T-Mobile. There are terms governing the use and billing of roaming written into the Terms of Service for every customer.

A contract is to protect the rights of both parties, not just the bigger of the two. If customers are being told they cannot cancel because roaming is an additional service, it is likely that all operators have been briefed to say that, because by doing so it instantly overrides the customers right to cancel. If enough of an issue is made of this, then no doubt T-Mobile will simply move the goalposts - if you followed our recent skirmish with Orange, you'll know that the operators and the company changed their tactics all the time to avoid allowing cancellations.

For now, tell us as much as you can about what you're told by T-Mobile customers services when you speak to them. We'll revisit this story next week, and if T-Mobile are still fobbing off customers, we'll look at what further action you can take.

UPDATE - I’ve just re-read the Terms of Service. Let me walk through their definitions:

Price Plan Service – the inclusive Service supplied with Your Price Plan”

Price Plan – the bundle of Services including any Allowance provided by us to you in exchange for your payment of the Price Plan Charge”

Price Plan Charge – the charge for the Price Plan Service”

By their own definitions, roaming is part of the Price Plan Service; it is a service that you don’t pay any additional fee for, so therefore it's an inclusive Service supplied with the Price Plan.

“7.1.4 We can increase any Price Plan Charge.”

“7.2.3 A Cancellation Charge won’t apply if you are within the Minimum Term and:

“ You are a Consumer and the change we gave you Written Notice of in point 2.11.2 or 7.1.4 above is of material detriment to You and You give Us notice to immediately cancel this Agreement before the change takes effect.”

It doesn’t matter what they tell you – roaming is part of your Price Plan. Increasing roaming charges means increasing the Price Plan Charges, and this will cause material detriment.


  • Nirave
    Right let's see what t-mobile have to say about this!
  • The 3.
    [...] BitterWallet update: T-Mobile increase roaming costs: can you cancel your T-Mobile contract? | BitterWallet [...]
  • Waplord
    excellent article, lets see what we can do with them.
  • Nirave
    They are saying terms & conditions breach is only when the actual price plan is changed. NOT when the roaming costs are increased.
  • lglynn
    I have just contacted them on the basis that when I went away to the USA earlier in the year I received a bill for approx £600, with these new roaming rates that is set to double at least. All they said when I quoted bits of this article is that it would be cheaper for me to buy out of my contract at a cost of £450 than to roam with them in the future, as the new roaming rates do not give me grounds to terminate the contract.
  • Paul S.
    I don't think that's good enough. If the charges are not part of a price plan and are not an additional service, then they must form part of your agreement with T-Mobile. In which case, to change them without consent is breach of contract.
  • Waplord
    this is appauling service from them, the attitude is "pay us what we've decided you will now pay , like it or lump it!, oh you want out do you? we'll be more than happy to let you go after you've paid us for forcing you off our network" I think with all the recent issues around this, mobile phone contracts need a proper investigation by ofcom.
  • Nirave
    @Paul Smith Can anything be done? They are saying write a letter to their legal team. The lady gave me one hell of a hard time and seriously annoyed the hell out of me... They are 100% confident that they are not in breach of the T&C. Anyone have any ideas apart from small claims court stuff? The T-mobile stance is that nowhere in the t&c does it say that a change in roaming charges will result in allowing you to terminate your contract early without a early termination fee. Any ideas on that?
  • I.wish.I.could.fly
    Let's take these bitches down
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGay
    ****ing SLAGS
  • Paul S.
    I've just re-read the terms and conditions. I'm now convinced T-Mobile are wrong. Let me just walk through their definitions and explain why: "Price Plan Service - the inclusive Service supplied with Your Price Plan" "Price Plan - the bundle of Services including any Allowance provided by us to you in exchange for your payment of the Price Plan Charge" "Price Plan Charge - the charge for the Price Plan Service" By their own definitions, roaming is part of the Price Plan Service; you don't pay any additional fee for having it, so therefore it must be an inclusive Service supplied with the Price Plan. "7.1.4 We can increase any Price Plan Charge." "7.2.3 A Cancellation Charge won't apply if you are within the Minimum Term and: " You are a Consumer and the change we gave you Written Notice of in point 2.11.2 or 7.1.4 above is of material detriment to You and You give Us notice to immediately cancel this Agreement before the change takes effect." It doesn't matter what they tell you - roaming is part of your Price Plan. Increasing roaming charges means increasing the Price Plan Charges, and this will cause material detriment.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    "Anyone have any ideas apart from small claims court stuff?" No, so grow some bollocks and take them to small claims.... it pisses me off when people sit there moaning because they are too lazy to make an effort. Just read the thread on MSE, T-Mobile will not just give in and throw thousands of £££'s down the drain. If they give in to one person then everyone will want the same. They are going to stand firm and say "if you don't like it, take us to small claims". The only way you will get to cancel is call their bluff.
  • jose c.
    I think team mobile should have a investigation by ofcom because,this is not right!! we should be allow to terminate our contracts!!
  • Nirave
    @Pizza_D_Action I am not too lazy to make an effort. I'm the one who bought this to BitterWallet's attention. I have been sitting on the phone all day giving the tmobile people shit. I was merely asking if that was the only option available. So please kindly take your views and shove them where the sun don't shine. Thanks very much.
  • jay
    ive just entered into a t-mobile contract for 18months last month so if i can cancel i'd be over the moon! i wonder if the treath of small claims court action would be enough for them to say, ok have it your way, suerly it'd be more expensive for them to send someone to court and deal with it than to cancel my contract when they get the request to attend court. what does everyone think?
  • Jack
    I think someone should give a brief outline of what to say, letters / emails to send. When I took my contract out in July I always got through to a nice helpful Scottish Call-Centre - now on my contract (or the GF's PAYG SIM) I always get through to some Indian called "Mike" who doesn't know his mouth from his sphincter, and never listens to whatever you say instead repeating his mindless inane script drivel. Got the text today as well...
  • waplord
    ok i think they are taking the mickey now, just sent me a series of texts asking how i'd rate the service i got from them today
  • Paul S.
    Jack - we will probably do all of this next week, as we did with Orange, and are working on including letter templates too. P
  • Patrick
    Just been on the phone for 40 minutes talikng with a rep, then a supervisor and finally two managers, quoting T&C's and general jargon from there own website and contract and was told they're unable to cancel due to roaming chargers, mostly being set out by there 'roaming' partners and not T-mobile themselves, and it not being part of the Core T&C's. Even after stating 7.1.4 followed by they were having none of it and advised me to contact Ofcom or [email protected] Of which I will be doing both. Dont bother with phoning them and wasting your, they are already aware of people trying to cancel and will not let you under any circumstances cancel. So contact Ofcom or the t-mobile email directly.
  • Nathan
    Three, Orange and now T-Mobile are at it? This is getting ridiculous. I'm not on T-Mobile but I hope you guys fight this all the way, it's about time these companies got what's coming to em'!
  • David
    Just been on the phone for twenty minutes and T-Mobile are still failing to accept that they are in breach of contract. Told me I would have to pay an early termination charge if I wished to cancel. All that they could suggest is that I contact Ofcom is im not happy...very frustrating.
  • Sam
    Yep been told same thing pretty much .. T mobile want 245 quid to cancel....
  • William
    I got my text last night and phoned them straight away. an hour later I was no furhter forward, just some guy telling me int not part of my price plan so i can't cancell, anyone got anywhere further with this? Help! 2 Lines needing cancelled!
  • dan
    just on the phone to t mobile the woman has thrown her self into a corner - i suggested she didnt even know the contract and she got it out read a paragraph and just kept reiterating that the roaming charges arnt part of the price plan over and over so tbh i wouldnt waste your time with it id sincerely enjoy seeing tmobile go under for all the pains in the arse theyve caused but i doubt anything will come from this
  • Dawid L.
    Looks like the core of this problem is whether roaming charges are or aren't part of "Price Plan Charges". I was nearly sure T-Mobile can get away with this, but I have found slight inconsistency in my T&C copy, which might be a door to cancel a contract. Let's see what my copy of T&C say (which seems somewhat different from T&C quoted in article above): --- Price Plan Charges - charges for the Price Plan Services which comprise the Monthly Charge for the Price Plan and the charges for Services once any Allowance is used up; --- So what are Price Plan Services then? --- Price Plan Services - inclusive Services supplied with Your Price Plan, the charges and terms and conditions for which are set out in the "What it Costs" booklet for that Price Plan; --- At this point I was nearly sure T-Mobile got us, as statndard "What it Costs" booklet for price plan don't quote roaming charges, while they are always listed as 'Non standard charges'. See: http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/help-and-support/index?page=home&cat=PRICEPLANS&tab=0&WT.mc_id=whatitcosts - look at your price plan PDF and then 'Non standard charges' PDF. Having said that, T-Mobile is actually right that roaming is NOT a core part of your price plan (formally speaking, at least). But let's get back to "Price Plan Charges" definition for a while, and look closely: "... and the charges for *Services* once any Allowance is used up". OK, so what are Services (which are different to Price Plan Services) then? Let's see: --- Services - services provided to You by Us including the Price Plan Services and Additional Services; --- Let's look-up Additional Services definition: --- Additional Services - optional/extra Services which can be added to Your Account, the charges and terms and conditions for which are set out in Our "What it Costs (Non Standard Charges)" booklet and Our customer literature; --- Did you see "Non Standard Services booklet" bit..? Bingo! :) Looks like by saying "Services" instead of "Price Plan Services" in the definiton of "Price Plan Charges", T-Mobile gave us a way to get some contracts out of their terms. What do you guys think of it? PS. The copy of T&Cs I was looking at is part of my renewal contract I've got with T-Mobile last February.
  • Sarah
    Been having the same issues with T-Mobile, which has been going on all day. today after sending email on Thursday. Spoke to a manager today and she is going to speak to their legal team on Monday, as obviously you cant expect legal departments to be working the weekend after they sent out loads of text messages and would be expoecting loads of p***ed off customers to be calling!! She will hopefully call me on Monday, so lets see what she says!!
  • a c.
    Not EVERY customer on T-Mobile has access to roaming, some customers are barred from using phones abroad or making international calls.. and some are required to pay a deposit of £250 first.. SO your point about it being an inherent part of everyone's package is rubbish.. Also the
  • a c.
    Not EVERY customer on T-Mobile has access to roaming, some customers are barred from using phones abroad or making international calls.. and some are required to pay a deposit of £250 first.. SO your point about it being an inherent part of everyone's package is rubbish.. TRy getting some legal advice b4 attempting to tackle a legal issue.. ANd then I guess you'll complain that the staff are unable to help when you ring up.. Guess what? They're not lawyers, they have no legal training and if you want it take it further, do this in writing.. (Eg the guy complaining that he got a text asking him to rate service of T-Mobile!! How is that something to complain about? It shows the company care what you think of their service!!)
  • ex-orange c.
    are you by any chance a t-mobile employee? Look as an ex-orange customer (yes I managed to get out in time thanks to this very website) I can sympathise with with the t-mobile customers on this issue. I agree that the call centre staff are not lawyers and cannot advise or interpret the contract/terms and conditions, however in light of the Orange fiasco I would have thought that t-mobile would have taken precautions to avoid such issues.
  • Sean B.
    I have just received the Text from T-Mobile and thought YES YES YES i can finally cancel my contract with them I have since called T-Mobile and they have asked me to e-mail them. It is very funny because my brother who is on Orange received a similar text and he threatened to cancel and they backed down pretty easily but the good thing Orange did was to allow my brother to cancel or get 50% off his contract and get free internet, well lets just day, my brother took the 50% off as this was a fantastic deal! However, i am so fed up with T-Mobile crap for years and this is it, i am out of here!
  • Sean B.
    If you would like a copy of the T-Mobile Terms and Conditions, i have a copy on my website www. seanbone. co.uk (delete the spaces)
  • Hi O.
    Get together and sue them. Call their bluff. Make a fuss, people! Don't let them push you guys around. Stand up for your rights. I was fully prepared to take Orange to court when they tried a similar stunt recently. Fortunately for them they backed down.
  • Ten B.
    [...] The big one – after the Orange fiasco, have T-Mobile now given their customers a way to cancel their contracts? [...]
  • DD
    They are refusing to budge. I am appaled to even imagine what give's them the rights to do anyhting they want and get over with. How can they classify Roaming as an additional service. I travel all to many EU and non EU countries and my bills will suddenly shoot up by more than 100% and there is nothing I can do about this! Talk about having consumer rights in this country !
  • Jeffrey A.
    Still concerned that I don't even have the text yet! Might leave it until after the 30 days notice they promised to give me has expired then collar them for another count of breach of contract.
  • TN
    When did T-mobile decide to change the roaming charges? I took out an 18 month contract with them last week (on the 9th) and specifically asked about roaming charges as I go abroad a few times a year through work. The salesman didn't mention the increase at all when discussing whether it was worth getting the add on, which I decided against. Like everyone else have been told by customer services that I can't cancel. Even though in my case I'm within 7 days of taking out the contract.
  • Jeffrey A.
    TN - if it was bought online return it and cancel your contract under DSR then. If in store I'm certain you have 14 days or something to change your mind and return it as well. Trying to skank them out of a free phone for that is just plain cheeky.
  • TN
    I'm not after the phone for free simply what was agreed when I took out the contract! I took out the contract instore, and have been told it can't be returned as the sim card has been used.
  • T-Bone
    Any more news on this? Smith, this is an excellent article; your journalistic qualities are much more suited to this type of enquiry as opposed to posting Apple-related non-news, where you turn into the ITwat.
  • Paul
    Anyone contacted Watchdog about this yet? Perhaps Bitterwallet fancy a bit of face to face tv time with Anne Robinson :)
  • I've o.
    Anyone else think this is ironic since Orange are buying t-mobile?
  • jeff
    Yes, people seem to have completely missed the fact that T-Mobile are putting their roaming prices up to roughly what Orange are charging.
  • Chris
    I have just rung up and they gave me the same stuff about not being included in the allowance etc. They must have been briefed. But i'm sure someone will find a way around or they will crumble soon.
  • Paul
    Has anyone asked T-Mobile how much the Roaming service costs per month? If it is an additional service as they are saying there should be a monthly fixed cost as all others. However, if they say that there is no monthly cost for roaming then that must mean it is an included service.
  • Francis
    Just called, they said they can change the prices to what ever they want and its in the terms, so cant do anything. Hope someone finds a way.
  • John
    Been thinking about this all week, but knew what answer I would get back would be. What do people think are that chances that they will crumble and let us get out? Hate T Mobile enough as it is, and I is certainly a case where they have broken the terms and conditons. If somebody could put together a letter template like orange it would be fantastic.
  • Paul S.
    Keep eye on Bitterwallet over the next day - we're working on this behind the scenes and will have news for you soon. In the meantime, if everyone can keep telling us about their experiences when contacting T-Mobile, it'd be really useful. Clearly they are going about business very differently to Orange.
  • Cancelling B.
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  • kev
    I have just contact Beth at T mobile … She didnt really know anything about changes and asked me if the text was from T mobile. She then went off and spoke to her line manager …… He said that becuase they cannont help if the charges from abroad go up this is not there fault so the outstanding amount due to cancel would stand and I would have to pay to cancel early. I did say I do not belive this should be the case and I have taken names and line manager name and said I will be back to them as i do not see this is part of the contract that I had taken out. Was olite and she was helpful so i wished her a happy evenng and said I will be in touch!!!
  • aremy
    So my dad just tried this and it worked. he called because of the rate increase of minutes.. They claimed they sent notifications and blah blah blah and so he had to pay the ETF but he said they were violating the contract and if he wouldve done it they wouldve charged him... Also they are charging $1.50 for statements so bring that up 2. about how in the world are you supposed to view ur statements if u werent to have a computer .when they talk about notifications tell them that yeah your being notified and u have to pay its not an option they are just letting you know and you cant do anything about it . They are violating the contract. I had a sidekick data plan and i got it because my dad has sprint so i just went to tmobile cause of the sidekick, so it affected me bigg time because i used to be charged .20 for minutes which was mostly for emergencies and now i was being charged .45... Its your rights people .. Dont let em hang up on u just keep arguing about the contract and they are not following up with what the terms and conditions they made you sign.. for more info email me at [email protected] i could tell you what rep we talked to so it might make it easier i guess ... GOOD LUCK everyone dont give up..
  • Cancel B.
    [...] interesting to compare the reaction to T-Mobile’s planned changes to roaming charges, to that when Orange attempted to proceed with charge hikes. The difference (aside from the nature [...]
  • AJ
    TM have no common sense. They recorded with the credit ref agencies I was in arrears when I was in credit and refused to replace a handset that was 6 months old as i'd cancelled my contract. Neither would have actually cost them any money but they really have a BAD way of dealing with things. I was with them since one2one, had many accounts and spent thousands with them, NEVER AGAIN! I'm in court over the faulty phone in November, credit reference agency hopefully about the same time. Take them on but they WILL not buckle! NASTY people at the top, directors office and legal dept.
  • Want B.
    [...] promised you some answers and we’ve delivered. Last week the service provider told you it was increasing the cost of international roaming by up to 120 per cent, and then told you roaming charges aren’t covered by your rights to cancel without charge, [...]
  • Paul S.
    We've now published a full guide to help you cancel your T-Mobile contract. You'll find it here: http://www.bitterwallet.com/want-to-cancel-your-t-mobile-contract-heres-how-to-do-it/18286
  • david k.
    will this effect my web.n.walk internet connection?
  • Understanding R.
    Hi, This is an extremely good article and debate (imagine how screwed the consumer would have been if we didn't have the internet/social media to collaboate on these type of concerns!) That said... T-Mobile DOES have an influence on what other operators charge... as with all operators aligned under the GSM rules and regulations they are obliged to negotiate tariffs with other operators to ensure their users can roam abroad. Some like Vodafone will take this as an opportunity to negotiate decent tariffs and use to appeal to the market and some like TM seemingly don't care a damn and then wonder why their UK biz has gone downthe pan. On the comment about not everyone being able to roam... yes, that's normally down to your credit/payment history i.e. they don't want to risk customers whacking up huge charges and thn not paying them
  • mustafa
    everyone ring up ofcom and bring it to thier attention...i rung up t-mobile and the woman wasnt much help at all. i contacted ofcom and the lady said that it will be judged soon. when i asked her if anyone else had complained she said i was the first person she'd dealt with that has this complain so if everyone here complained then it cant do anyone any harm.
  • Patrick
    Any positives come from this yet? I have just tried to get out of my contract early which ends in January for free with no luck.
    • Paul S.
      Hi Patrick - I'm just writing up a piece for this afternoon; Ofcom have said they are aware of the matter and are looking into whether "further action is appropriate". I'd strongly suggest all T-Mobile customers register their complaint with Ofcom so they are aware of customer feelings on the matter.
  • Patrick
    Will do. All go to this link: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/complain/mobile/company/unfair/
  • shane a.
    hi ive just come back from holiday about 3 weeks ago and today i got a letter though the post, welli got my monthly bill though the post and to my suprise it was £139! i looked at it with supise and thought they must of printed it wrong, then i saw in detail that they charged me £91 for using my contract laptop abroad (my usual bill is £29.74) should i pay this amont or get stright on the phone to them because by the sounds of things it wont get me anywere if i rign them, i mean the least they could do was to warn me that i would be charged more when i go abrod i mean a simple messge to my computer to tell me i would be charged more, would of been nice rather then me being absoulty livid with them like 3weeks after they are cheeky little money gradin bast''erds . i havent got that sort of money to just throw away i need massive help pleaseeeeeee
  • Sybaris
    I too am extremely annoyed at this. I've written to Richard Moat, MD ot T-Mobile Uk and waiting his reply. I have also contacted and complained to the Office of Fair Trading, Consumer Direct (Trading Standards) and Ofcom. All of those tell me I am not alone. If enough people pile on the pressure then they will cave in.
  • Sybaris
    Its a wonder that poeple haven't started to go to Hatfield Business Park and demanded to see the MD.
  • Patrick
    this doesn't look promising...
  • shineka
    Is a text classed as written notice? Surely we should have been notified with a real letter..
  • Ikslagor
    This whole fiasco is strange since we heard recently that mobile phone compenies were being urged to reduce roaming charges by the EU. How much does it really cost them? OK, so when you roam thesre is the T-mobile UK charge and the (say) German operator charge (usually T-Mobile!). This is 2 charges, I have inclusive minutes so the UK charge is free. The German charge is probably the same as a UK charge say 25p. There may be an administration charge to transfer charges between Germany and UK but this is a ONE off charge when the reconcile accounts each month not after every minute. Therefore what is the roaming charge for - it cannot be reasonably justified. I went into the T-Mobile shop recently, they new nothing about it - or so thay said. Fortunatly I am out of contract and I had a good offer from 3 recently does anyone have any comments about their service?
  • Gibbo
    Just spoken to T-Mobile who gave me the same bollox everyone else has mentioned - Apprently it's the fault of other phone companies. "so every other network in every other country outside the EU has increased their charges at the same time, AND only for T-Mobile customers?" says I. "Must be", she replies!
  • T-Mobile B.
    [...] recently increased the cost of international roaming for all customers, and have maintained from the beginning that roaming is an “additional service” and as [...]
  • rodney v.
    hi i have experienced severe problem with t mobile i have just come back from turkey i have just received my phone bill over 300 pounds my phone was on roaming i didnt realise i was away for two weeks . im nieve when it comes to phones shouldnt they have sent me text or something. i never used the phone for internet
  • H T.
    My son has recently returned from abroad as he often travels in his work. He used his phone for a reason but failed to turn off his roaming signal through ignorance and not being a techie. A few weeks later he has been served with a bill for £2000. He has cancelled his direct debit in case they try to take any large amounts out of his acccount, What else can he do to help offset or cancel such charges etc.

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