T-Mobile fined over data theft

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile logo - featuredTwo naughty former T-Mobile drones have been ordered to cough-up pennies to the sum of £73,700 in fines and confiscation costs after they'd passed customer details on to third parties when they weren't supposed to be.

The dastardly duo were rumbled when T-Mobile identified an issue and turned the matter over to the Information Commissioner's Office to investigate. It transpired that names, addresses, telephone numbers and customer contract end dates were some of the details passed on.

"Those who have regular access to thousands of customer details may think that attempts to use it for personal gain will go undetected," said information commissioner Christopher Graham, before adding, "this case shows there is always an audit trail, and my office will do everything in its power to uncover it."

Alright mate. Calm down. Anyway, you want a pair of names to blame and swear at. So here they are: David Turley pleaded guilty to 18 offences and now has to pay £45,000 in confiscation costs while Darren Hames pleaded guilty to two offences and has been ordered to pay £28,700. If they can't pay the fines, then they'll have to go to prison where, instead of exchanging personal data for money, they'll give sexual favours in exchange for cigarettes. Funny ol' world isn't it?


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  • andy y.
    They'll give favours in exchange for not getting cigarette burns more like.

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