T-Mobile data allowance change - full statement

Bitterwallet - T-MobileUPDATE - after just two days, T-Mobile have reversed their decision to change the data allowances of existing customers. See our latest post for the full details.

We'd been waiting to hear from T-Mobile's UK press office concerning yesterday's announcement, to the effect that the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be amended across all their tariffs.

Late last night - at nearly 10pm, we received the following statement:

“Earlier today we began notifying our contract customers of changes to their Fair Usage Policies (FUPs) relating to data usage on mobile phones. In line with the industry, T-Mobile will be reducing its FUP for data downloading to 500MB/month from 1st February 2011.

“These restrictions will affect both new and existing customers, and will ensure an improved quality of service for all of our mobile internet users. As the average mobile internet customer uses only 200MB of data each month, this will only affect a small minority of users, whom we have begun notifying.

“T-Mobile will not charge its customers additional rates for exceeding these data limits, and those who do will still be able to access important services such as email and website browsing, but will have file downloading restricted. Customers who have a need for higher volumes of data will be encouraged to take up a separate mobile broadband plan. We are confident that these changes will result in a better experience for all of our customers who use internet on their phone.”

This confirms what we already knew - all customers will be affected, new and existing. Once a customer reaches 500Mb, they'll only be able use their phone for T-Mobile's definition of 'browsing' - basic websites and email. All other activity - downloading, streaming, online gaming - will be blocked.

We've been through the average usage argument with Vodafone in the past; it's irrelevant, a smokescreen, and it's missing the point - that "small minority of customers" that the statement dismisses as unimportant equates to tens of thousands of customers that will be affected, if not more.

Our gut reaction, having been through this process several times already, is this:

• some customers pay an additional monthly amount for their 3Gb allowance, and that's a difficult case to argue against; T-Mobile will claim it is an additional service that can be cancelled without penalty

• However, for those customers that a) have the 3Gg allowance bundled into their basic monthly tariff, and b) can demonstrate that they have regularly used more than 500Mb of data a month in the past, we think there's probably a case to challenge T-Mobile, because this change will cause demonstrable material detriment to the customer, as outlined by Ofcom's General Conditions and consumer law.

That's just our first thoughts. We're now waiting for the press office to comment on another point, namely that customers have been told by operators that the FUP does not form part of their contract. We'll then take a look at the legalities of it. In the meantime, let us know of any conversations you have with T-Mobile customer services - they're often helpful to us. Perhaps you could share over on the discussion forums on Mobot.net, our new sister site, a mobile phone community.

Meanwhile, a little something from July last year, when Twitter user VillianROM asked T-Mobile whether the 3Gb allowance was at risk when the company merged with Orange. Um.

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile data allowances


  • Kris
    An interesting argument will be the customers on the Nokia Comes With Music service that also received the same internet addon as the Android handsets. These will also be dropped to 500mb which will have a massively detrimental to the service they signed up for. If your downloading a couple of hundred songs a month which was available to do as part of the deal you would be stopped from downloading songs once you hit the 500mb thus clearly breaking their agreement?
  • byronicman
    I like how they have classed the 3Gb "fair use" as small print (which can be changed) when it was until recently displayed as a benefit immediately under the price as you signed up for a plan. It's not on. The 3Gb allowance was why I got my HTC Desire from them. They should change their advertising slogan to: "Life's For Sharing - albeit a sixth of what it used to be." Their stupid "flashmob" adverts should go from a lot of people dancing in Trafalgar Square to a bloke drinking Tennent's in a park alone, crying. If there is a way of getting out of the contract, I will be going to Three, so would be keen to know if any loopholes are discovered (I regularly go over 500Mb)
  • Matt J.
    Had a lengthy discussion last night. Was informed again that the ‘internet was an additional service’, when I asked her to point out where this was specified on my contract I was told that this isn’t clarified on their T&Cs. I then asked her where calls and SMS were specified as ‘standard service’ as opposed to an ‘additional service’, I was again informed this isn’t clarified. The representative actually agreed at one point (exact words) that “this change will be of detrimental effect to yourself”, yet refused to allow me to terminate. When I read out the specific clauses from their own T&Cs and from the OFCOM agreement I was told “this isn’t the time or place to enter a legal discussion.” When I replied that surely this is the time seen as they’re making modifications to my legally binding contract with themselves I just basically got her previous replies read back to me, over and over.
  • Steve
    Yesterday there sales people where still stating that the limit is 3GB (I have transcrips and screen grabs from the online chats) and that it will not change in contract. The FUP on the site still says 3GB also. Here is a transcript from today: Rachel: Hi there, my name is Rachel. I am part of the dedicated T-Mobile Online Sales Team. How can I help you with your new order? Steve: Hi Rachel I am considering the HTC Desire HD, but what is the download limit with this phone on a monthly contact with unlimited internet? Rachel: Hi Steve Rachel: I'll help you with that Rachel: Excellent Choice of phone!! Rachel: It is one of the best selling phone., Rachel: You get UNLIMITED Internet browsing + 3GB download limit a month. Steve: and thats for video streaming, youtube etc right? Rachel: Yes Rachel: You can stream video's Rachel: Watch youtube Steve: and if i get a contract today 11/01/11 that generous limit is in effect for the contract duration? Rachel: That's absolutely correct Steve: excellent thanks for your help Rachel: You get every month , same internet allowance
  • VillainROM
    Yep, someone dug out that tweet for me earlier on yesterday, as I had lost it, but knew I sent it... Either way, broken promises all round... I don't know what has got into the T-Mobile support system today, but they're not wanting to answer questions, yet seemed to be happy to answer that direct question in July... Seems strange. Monkeys hacked the twitter perhaps?
  • VillainROM
    @Steve, That is the problem. I don't think T-Mobile know who this will affect, but my research suggests it won't be everyone... I think it affects customers on certain plans, but they don't want to answer my direct questions on it either... @All, check out twitter for a link going round regarding cancellation advice. Would put it in here, but I'm sure comments get delayed if links are included.
  • Matt J.
    @VillainROM Is that link on your Twitter feed? BTW, love your ROMS :)
  • Tom
    VR I suspect that the twitter team have been told to STFU until they work out where they sit legally. I'm getting a bit annoyed with Orange's poor customer service infiltrating T-Mobile ... If I could, I'd be off too.
  • Steve
    Additional to my chat online with tmobile: Rachel: Is there anything else I can help you with today ? Steve: one more question please Rachel: Please go ahead Steve: is the internet an additional service or part of my plan? Rachel: It is part of the deal Rachel: It is not additional Steve: excellent thank you Rachel: With all the deals for this phone, unlimited internet is included for FREE
  • Me
    I think this is probably just me as I haven't seen any mention elsewhere.... but since I noticed all of this talk about changed limits, I have never had faster than GPRS internet on my phone... I used to get HSDPA quite often... Anyone else affected?
  • Steve
    It wont let me add the transcript added, but there online sales chat person when i asked if the internet is an additional service told me that is part of the deal, "it is not additional".
  • dvdj
    To be fair they said they had "no plans" It's hardly a broken promise. At that moment in time they probably didn't have any plans btu now they do. I'm not trying to defend them, they're jerking people around. But you can't call that one statement a broken promise! If they'd said "We definately will not be changing the FUP..." then that's a promise!
  • Tweedskin
    Fuckers! I've used over 810MB since 19th Dec to today. This is gonna hurt me! How do they expect us to use services suce as spotify etc with this pitiful data allowance?
  • Paul S.
    @Tweedskin - They're expecting you to pay more for a package with a higher allowance. There's lot of this I don't like right now. This isn't a trivial and meaningless change of a condition. For the "significant minority" of customers that use more than 500Mb a month of an inclusive 3Gb allowance, this will be of significant material detriment. I can't see how they can justify no cancellation without penalty.
  • Big G.
    Anyone know how this affects iPhone users? It kinda cripples my phone if it applies to us too.
  • Steve
    And there online sales are STILL saying its 3GB and it wont change. The FUP online still says 3GB also, the change can only be found if you are directed to it. How sneaky is that?
  • byronicman
    http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/services/uk/fairuse/?WT.mc_id=fup#fup2 Pay monthly plans which include internet on your phone on an Android phone You'll get internet on your phone Plus included if you join us on a pay monthly plan with an Android phone in a T-Mobile store, over the phone or via our website, t-mobile.co.uk. You'll need internet coverage, check it at t-mobile.co.uk/streetcheck. Remember that you can only use your internet on your phone Plus Booster in the UK and you can't use your phone as a modem or use Internet on your phone Plus for peer to peer file sharing, or making internet phone calls. *Internet on your phone Plus comes with a fair use policy of 3GB a month. We'll monitor how much you send and receive each calendar month so that we can protect our network for all our internet on your customers. If you use more than your fair use policy amount, we won't charge you any more, but we may restrict how you can use your plan, depending on how often you go over your amount and by how much. As your phone is always connected to the internet, if you remove your internet on your phone Plus Booster from your account you'll automatically be charged up to £1 every day. That £1 a day rate has its own fair use policy and other legal stuff, which you can see here: t-mobile.co.uk/services/uk/fairuse/#fup5.
  • PlatPlat
    No explanation of why they haven't given 30 days written notice as I believe is mandated? I regularly go up to my limit just watching YouTube and using Spotify on my phone, so the change is clearly of massive detriment to myself. Going to call them later. Ofcom really need to crack down on operators shirking their obligations through wordplay. A more sensible/acceptable policy would have been 500MB at peak times, unlimited any other time.
  • Paul S.
    PlatPlat - I've just emailed you, hope you got it? I suspect that T-Mobile are classing this as a minimal change to a clause, which may only require 7/14 days notice. I haven't checked, but I remember a similar clause being in Vodafone's Terms.
  • N20Y1D
    I posted this on the original thread (this is from a T-mobile employee on the : RE: HTC Desire/Experia X10 tethering Posted: 294 days ago in response to: JeroldD Hi JeroldD As with all handsets which include WnW Plus (always on internet including Android) tethering on the X10 is allowed and the data used counts towards your 3GB per month data allowance. Tether to your hears content (but not over 3GB per month that is) Barry T-Mobile Forum Team
  • you p.
    epic lulz goes to the newbies who though they were really going to receive 3gb internet
  • Tom
    Is there any way to check my usage online, rather than on my handset.
  • VillainROM
    @Tom, sure. Log into the website, and go to your usage. Click mobile data. download the CSV Each data block is in kilobytes, so sum them all in excel with =SUM(C3:C99) or whatever. Then in another cell do =H1/1024, where H1 contains the SUM value. That gives you the number of megabytes used since the first date on the csv (the bottom row). @All, yeah I asked T-Moblie that in the summer, and glad to hear you like the ROMs. I started a wiki page on our site for an "open source letter", and we've got something thanks to vidoardes. http://www.villainrom.co.uk/vBwiki/index.php/T-Mobile_UK_Letter I added a bit to justify this being of material detriment to us. I will try and get a lawyer to look at it and see what he thinks.
  • Matt J.
    @you got pwned Well I've had between 3-10Gb free data a month with them for 3 years now, why wouldn't I? But yeah, thanks for the input. Helpful.
  • Matt
    I want him to be more elaborate when they talk about what ‘downloading’ means. When ‘restricted’; will I still be able to sync my phone calendar/contacts to google? will I be able to browse the Android market and download purchases or updates? will my weather/travel widgets be able to update? will I be able to remote into my PC at home using Teamviewer/PhoneMyPC? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then they are crippling my phone, rendering it useless for (going by my usage) about 2 weeks of the month. Having just come out of the very same argument with Vodafone a couple of months ago, I chose T-Mobile specifically for their reasonable FUP, now this is changing, I may as well have stayed with Vodafone. I sacrificed signal availability/quality for data usage, now that’s being removed, which leaves me with a worse service than I was getting from Vodafone, but for the same price I’ll be fighting T-Mobile over this as vehemently as I fought Vodafone.
  • Tom
    Well just looked on the billing site, and it shows "Recent Usage" but nothing historical. Since 26th Dec through to Yesterday, I used a sum total of roughly 9 MB (as the total shows 70,000 Kb). So for a full month I'd still be on less than 20 MB. It's a shame I don't have historical data ... I'd have thought I used much more than that on 3G, with regards to YouTube, Sat Nav, Spotify, Media Streaming etc. Oh and let's not forget wanting to be able to tether to use other devices! Anyway, I guess I wouldn't be within the "Consistently exceeds 500 MB" bracket ;) Still, when my contract expires, I will be changing to a PAYG provider, and when they decide to change the rules, I can simply move. I think I'm becoming a commitmentphobe!
  • VillainROM
    Umm Tom, you sure? I think you've used 70,000 K BYTES (not bits) I know my usage accurately, and I used 350,000 KBYTES roughly. ie. 350 meg since 25th December... So yeah, bear in mind I think you've used 70 meg so far... Multiply this up and see how it affects you. I use at least 1.5 GB/month, but I was on holiday for 1 week, so SIM sitting in an old dumbphone with no web support for a week of that time :)
  • Matt J.
    Christ almighty, my billing cycle runs month start to month end, I've used 786mb in 11 days...
  • bikefreedom
    Just spoke to T-mobile online sales. They are still selling contracts with 3gb fair usage allowance.
  • VillainROM
    Matt Jones, you sound like me :D @All, someone alterted me on twitter to a little inaccuracy in what T-Mobile said there. http://twitter.com/#!/TmobileUKhelp/status/24520661430964224 claims they are the only provider not to charge for going over the FUP. I have asked them to retract their statement since 3UK does not charge for going over their FUP on their unlimited tariff, which doesn't have a FUP for a bandwidth limit. My tweet to them : http://twitter.com/#!/VillainROM/status/24802146658549761 I am getting pretty annoyed they won't comment. I've offered the change to have a constructive interview, as a news writer, but they don't seem to be interested. They don't want to answer direct questions. All I can say is I won't be renewing with them, and I encourage everyone to move from Orange and T-Mobile, and head towards 3UK, or GiffGaff. 3 has totally unlimited offerings too... I will look, and I encourage everyone on Everything Everywhere (ie. orange and t-mo) to get out this sinking ship... Perhaps when they fold, I can put in a bid for the spectrum and get a decent, well run network out there, where you can tweet executives for answers, and which answers requests for comment by the press. T-Mobile, you are failing. Mark my words, you won't recover from this, not while I have twitter and the VillainROM homepage to denounce you on.
  • Neb
    The main reason I joined T-Mobile was the decent Internet allowance for some who uses Youtube etc... I have a SanFran Smartphone. According to the T-Mob website I'e used just over 1GB with 4 days left in the billing month :( I wouldn't mind paying a bit more if I got decent Internet, but that doesn't even seem to be an option here. Would like to terminate the contract free of penalty as I'm now at a material disadvantage and will bugger off to GiffGaff or Three.
  • Tweedskin
    Having a war with them via Twitter (i keep messaging them openly but they are only replying via DM). Thus far.... Tweedskin: As you are changing my contract, how do i cancel? T-Mob: The upcoming change to the FUP does not mean that you customers (not sure why they said "you customers"?) can cancel their contracts. Tweedskin: Internet is included in my contract, you are changing my contract so how do i cancel said contract? T-Mob: We don't prevent internet access or charge extra if the FUP is breached. Tweedskin: That depends what you define as internet access. If apps can't access data because of the new FUP, then you are! How do i cancel? T-Mob: The Majority of apps are not affected by the FUP as they access using normal browsing (unless they stream music/video). Tweedskin: Spotify? YouTube? The Android marketplace? No? I've yet to hear back.
  • VillainROM
    Ah OK. So they respond to DMs? Time to ask a few questions :)
  • R.Haris
    T-Mobile have refused via email to let me cancel my contract for free saying its an additional service- for me its not. I was not paying extra for the 3gb data via my android phone. I have asked for a deadlock letter. If they can send that- I think the regulator will give a better view on the position.
  • jimbob
    So now we know the winner of the Worst Company of 2011 award.
  • VillainROM
    The Which? legal team is looking into this now: http://twitter.com/#!/WhichTech/status/24815666443845632
  • anonymous
    thank you for this post. One of the reasons i got t-mobile and slagged off vodafone methods was because of how good the t-mobile business module is, if they changing the unlimmited fair usage policy or any other internet mobile costs then this will goes totally against the reason why i moved to t-mobile and in my opinion their are in breach of my contract with them. I think this is reasonable grounds to terminate the contract with them... watch this space.
  • Planet 2.
    A separate mobile broadband plan is what i already have ! I transmit pictures from the field (press photographer) and regularly use my allowance up.Now Vodaphone tell me from February £15 will only get me 2GB of Vodaphone internet instead of 3GB . It's a disgrace.
  • simon h.
    @me yes my data has slowed even when on H. Thought it was me. Started around Christmas. @villainrom I can no longer see ANY historical data use in mytmobile. Checking bill PDFs, couldn't see it there either anymore. All/which?/bitterwallet: I have a question ref usuage. If below 500mb, and they don't advise you because you're normally under the new fup, yet your contract taken out instore says 3gb fup aren't they in breach of contract for not telling you of a change of terms? The first you'd know is when you tried to use the 3gb you believe you have but don't anymore. The teathering allowed is classic. As I know this, and if my broadband went down could teather until back on. T-mobile haven't told everyone, and they should be! Never taken my phone abroad, yet they're always telling me about roaming charge changes! Same should apply to ALL changes to ALL services. Just because not relevant to customer today, what about tomorrow?
  • Tom
    @VillainROM The usage for 26-10th was on T-Mobile account management page, unbilled usage ... it stated just under 70,000 Kb. I'd take this as 70 Kilobits, unless they have their terminology wrong. So 70 Megabits, or just under 9 Megabytes for 15 days (admittedly of holiday period). That however does seem radically small amount, even bearing in mind I'm using my T-Mo sim in my iPhone and not my Android handset. -- I think really what needs to be argued is that the data allowance is what is also weighed up when purchasing a smartphone on a contract. I think most consumers will say "Oh 3000 Texts, 200 minutes and unlimited internet ... suits me". I can't see any consumer saying "Oh well the Unlimited Internet Booster is an add-on and not part of the contract, therefore they can chance it to a 6th of the original at any point". We look at what is on offer at the time we sign up, not expecting a major change like this. I was reluctant to resubscribe to T-Mobile after turning an Orangey shade of grey ... but put it aside. Seems we've still be screwed over. I'm not happy, and they will be losing my custom, either shortly if I can terminate ... or at renewal time, that's for sure.
  • VillainROM
    Hi Tom, Am currently trying to figure this out properly. I have done a controlled test of downloading a 5 Megabyte test file via my phone, so just waiting on my bill to update (I stopped the data session before and after via airplane mode just to ensure it was an accurate test, and did it as quickly as possible). Given the values recently for me, I am fairly sure it is measuring in kilobytes, given my typical use of my phone (very very heavy). I browse full-size websites a lot on it, on public transport, and upload stuff whenever I feel like it (few meg at a time) I've now waited half an hour but my data usage hasn't updated... Fair enough though, as it's not a critical service. I may well be wrong, and will be first to admit it as soon as I can get a known amount of data use to show up with the time and date logged, but I'd love to see T-Mobile do the same too... Heard http://bit.ly/egIZp0. and also someone who spoke to them by phone... Seems legal are working on a re-wording as staff are confused about who this applies to
  • Tweedskin
    @VillainROM After reading about all this yesterday i downloaded a few network monitors for my Android phone (Desire HD). Found a few but the most accurate and useful seems to be one called 3G Watchdog. It's reporting thati've used 12Mb so far today which seems about right. By the way, loved the letter template on your wiki page. Will be using that later!
  • VillainROM
    I can confirm that a user has now taken his case to CISAS (the arbitration service) Username was andyroid 20, and you can find the post at http://www.villainrom.co.uk/forum/content.php?246-BREAKING-T-Mobile-Changing-Fair-Use-Policy-to-a-PATHETIC-500-MB&page=5#comments (can't link to the direct post I'm afraid). " I have just complained to CISAS as I have confirmation of deadlock. I did it all online and supplied evidence of my bill and the email correspondence. I will let you know how it pans out. " So there we go, the legal processes have started. Awaiting to hear from Which on what their lawyers say.
  • andyroid20
    Whoop whoop, that was me!!!! T-Mobile - Bring It On! My other idea was to go into a T-mobile store on a Saturday and talk in a loud voice about reducing contracts until they cancelled it.
  • PlatPlat
    Which?'s legal team say T-Mobile 'likely in breach' of contacts. http://conversation.which.co.uk/mobile/mobile-phone-networks/t-mobile-is-likely-in-breach-of-its-customers-contracts/
  • Alan
    ... and if they're not in breach of contracts then surely there's a case for being mis-sold your phone by being led to believe allowance was contractual - and having nothing to suggest it wasn't? Sure, you might not be able to cancel and keep your shiny new phone, but if you're genuinely worried about being out of pocket for the rest of your contract you can always argue that.
  • JD
    I've just phoned tmobile about this and the representative seemed very confused about the change. I've been told that my 1GB data allowance (web 'n walk plus) will be capped to 500MB, and this 500MB will only be counted towards actual downloading of files, so my web browsing will not be affected this and will remain unlimited. I tried to get across to him that my main use of the internet was downloading files, but he kept beating round the bush telling me that I will still have unlimited web browsing after I exceed the 500MB allowance; after explaining countless times about my internet usage, he admitted that this change to the FUP "will affect me, but not by much" (I disagree). I asked if I was able to terminate my contract (because of the changes, and the fact I have not received 30days notification), but I was told no. He did offer my a £5 credit to my account which I refused just in case this was some sort of 'agreement' between us that I will be excepting their new changes.
  • Tweedskin
    Hi All Just had a brainwave which i'd thought i'd share.... If any you have been following this years CES, you may have noticed the HUGE amounts of tablets that are about to be released. You think T-Mobile might be pre-empting a take up of data hungry tablets and so are raising their prices/lowing the data cap? I'm sure they wouldnt want people putting there 3GB data allowance sim cards into a shiny new Galaxy Tab....
  • Tweedskiny
    Just had a brainwave which i'd thought i'd share.... If any you have been following this years CES, you may have noticed the HUGE amounts of tablets that are about to be released. You think T-Mobile might be pre-empting a take up of data hungry tablets and so are raising their prices/lowing the data cap? I'm sure they wouldnt want people putting there 3GB data allowance sim cards into a shiny new Galaxy Tab....
  • Tweedskin
    Sorry for the duplicate comment!
  • Andrew
    This is a summary of my call from a T-Mobile CS manager. http://ietherpad.com/ep/pad/view/t-mobile/mzKeHPKY8L
  • Alex B.
    I called T-Mobile this evening and took the "I'm thinking of leaving T-Mobile" path through the call menus. I spoke with Liam in Customer Services 924. Like Andrew, I'm on the 300 mins/300 texts/3GB Wn'W (Android)/Flexi Booster tariff. The 3GB limit was a significant reason why I moved to T-Mobile. Generally, I only use 100-200MB/month, but if I'm away from home, I use data at a significantly higher rate (e.g. an additional 300MB when I was in London for a weekend). Liam stated that he is gathering complaints for the purposes of presenting them to senior management. I'd encourage others to take 5 minutes to call in and register their disapproval too. It seems to me that T-Mobile are being rather naive in assuming that the quoted 90% using less than 200MB /always/ use less than 200MB. They could take a lot of heat out of the controversy by allowing customers to carry forward unused data allowance over 6 months or so (i.e. so that their /average/ usage is 500MB/month or less). Ideally, though, we ought to be able to maintain the allowances we were given when we signed up until, and unless, we modify the contract or start a new one under different T&Cs.
  • VillainROM
    Alex, I can only echo those sentiments... Staff that I have heard from individually are actually quite confused, and some angry, that they cannot give customers the quality of service they expect. Until yesterday, I couldn't fault T-Mobile Customer Care... I called 150 when I got my phone, to apply bars on third parties billing to it (ie. premium SMS), and an incredibly helpful and polite man guided me through the options, turning off roaming, and disabling carrier billing features to stop bills being run up... He went beyond what was required, and got top marks in the little automated survey you get after calling support... Same when I had a query about a service (can't remember details). Staff are confused, and I heard some are concerned at being asked to lie to customers about 200MB being normal etc... Liam sounds very helpful, and I hope all the good staff in T-Mobile (and there are a LOT) will take these issues up with senior management... They are sitting in air conditioned offices, oblivious to the foundations of the building crumbling below them...
  • Alex B.
    I too have been very happy with T-Mobile. I had a problem with an unsolicited reverse-billed SMS and they did all they could to help, including placing a bar on similar messages. Other networks (e.g. Orange) refuse to add such a bar. The coverage is acceptable, the data speeds are good (better than Orange) and the prices are really quite fair. However, their data allowance has been the most significant factor in my recommendations to friends looking for smartphones. I can't help but think they're shooting themselves in the foot here. Mind you, isn't the head of the merged T-Orange an ex-Orange guy? Perhaps this is internal politics, and it's us customers getting hurt. I really ought to leave T-Mobile for this, but I'll probably stay with T-Mobile regardless, as I'm not aware of any more competitive monthly tariff, apart from 3 (and I wonder if that's only a matter of time) and so I'd just be cutting off my nose to spite my face. The 3GB allowance would almost certainly have retained my continuing loyalty for many years after the 24 month anniversary of the beginning of my contract. If they follow through on this change though, I'll actively shop around and attempt to drive a very hard bargain with T-M's retentions department.
  • Tom
    Like both Alex and VillainROM, I had been very happy with T-Mobile. Many years ago I used Orange, and was very happy. However their customer service pretty much changed overnight when they were taken over by France Telecom, and I vowed never to use them again due to some awful experiences. After a brief spell with both Voda and O2, and despite O2's Customer Services being Ok, their network was awful where I lived, I decided to move to T-Mobile, and they were amazing. You could email Customer Services and you'd get a decent rapid response. However lately the Customer Service has tailed off, although I think it started well before the merger with Orange was announced. Their twitter team is a great idea, but their hands seem tied whenever I try to do anything other than very simple things through them. Over the past 18 months, I've had a string of lies from T-Mobile regarding changing my tariff, which I took through their complaints department. It resulted in a goodwill gesture, but not really anything outstanding. Feeling better about it all, I threw caution to the wind and decided to renew my contract! aaargh! Like Alex, if I were to leave T-Mobile, I'd be cutting off my nose to spite my face. As there is very little Voda and O2 network locally. I refuse point blank to use Orange ... so this leaves me with Three, who are legendary for poor customer service! I guess a lot of the changes are the culmination of the merger with Orange; the fallout from iPhone requiring a non-unlimited download limit due to the contract with Apple; and the expanding market in mobile devices. Personally I have my home internet service which any wifi enabled device could use. When mobile, I'd love the same ... be that either a collection of SIMs for each device, but under one bill with one total download limit. OR one device with tethering and a decent download limit. End of Waffly Rant! :D
  • GPS U.
    I regualrly use the GPS function and Google maps - will this be affected too or does this come under general web browsing? Why is everything so consumed by greed nowadays? People need to make a stand and stop subscribing to things that do nothing but shaft you without the lubricants! If people stopped wanting to be so trendy and falling for marketing campaigns involving some overpaid celebrity who'll get the product for free even though he/she can afford it a millions times over then these companies wouldn't have us over a barrel. All this time, when allowances were reduced by Voda etc, people just took it. Make a stand!
  • jaffacake
    no matter how this ends up, can we all remember how badly "Everything Everywhere" has treated its customers and personally resolve not to use them for any service for the rest of our lives. I'm also going to buy my handsets sim free in future and use 30-day rolling contracts - easier to switch away from bad service then.
  • mygoditsfullofst
    I've had a chat with a chap called chris **** at customer services who has verbally assured me that all people on android contracts will have them guaranteed for the remainder,ie 3gb,also have an email confirming this . What is the score and do i check this " guarantee" ?
  • PaulD
    The lengths some companies will go to in order to win Bitterwallet's Worst Company of the Year award 2011! I've registered my formal complaint with Ofcom as they're in breach of section 9.3 of the conditions of their operating licence,
  • Alex B.
    @mygoditsfullofst that's a good start, but I think with a bit of (polite!) pressure we could do better. At the very least, allowances maintained for the remainder of a contract or until it's replaced with a new contract by mutual agreement, at worst, some kind of rollover for the data allowance.
  • mygoditsfulofst
    @alex b to be fair i don't go near 3gb a month,but definitley over the paltry limit they seem intent on foisting on people. I've not got an upgrade due until mid april and mark,the c.s fella assured me that ALL android users would keep their existing contracts. I asked for an early upgrade but was told that it wouldn't be worth it this early,but to try then and someone would offer me a contract rthat would reward my loyalty.. Yes ,ok . I don't have much option really so long as they don't cap my usage.
  • mygoditsfullofst
    as an addition to my above notice,it's generally been accepted that this is a "uniform" cap , so how can they give me assurances that this won't apply to me ? help and advice would be greatly accepted.
  • EroThraX
    “On Monday 10 January 2011 we announced that, in line with the rest of the industry, T-Mobile would be reducing its Fair Use Policy for data usage to 500MB a month for all mobile phone customers. Following a further review of our policy, these changes will now be introduced from 1 February, to new and upgrading customers only - not existing customers. There will be no change to the data packages for existing customers for the duration of their contract and we apologise for any confusion caused. The revision to the Fair Use Policy is designed to ensure an improved quality of service for all mobile internet users." Lysa Hardy, VP, T-Mobile UK http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/datachanges Changes no longer effect existing customers.
  • Paul S.
    Yep, new post up - http://bit.ly/hpztQi
  • mygoditsfullofst
    is that the sound of someone backpedalling furiously ????
  • telefinich
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