T-Mobile backs down over data allowance changes

From the T-Mobile website:

“On Monday 10 January 2011 we announced that, in line with the rest of the industry, T-Mobile would be reducing its Fair Use Policy for data usage to 500MB a month for all mobile phone customers. Following a further review of our policy, these changes will now be introduced from 1 February, to new and upgrading customers only - not existing customers.

There will be no change to the data packages for existing customers for the duration of their contract and we apologise for any confusion caused. The revision to the Fair Use Policy is designed to ensure an improved quality of service for all mobile internet users.

Information on new data policy:

From 1 February 2011 new and upgrading customers will be given a monthly 500MB data allowance. There will be no charge for those customers exceeding that limit, and those who do will still be able to access important services such as email and web browsing, however file downloading and streaming services will be restricted. Customers will then have the option to increase their monthly Fair Use Policy to 1GB a month by purchasing a Mobile Broadband Booster. This will ensure an improved quality of service for all of our mobile internet users.

Let's not beat around the bush here; this was nothing to do with bringing policies in line with the rest of the industry, nor was there any 'confusion' about the matter. T-Mobile acted woefully in this matter; they potentially left themselves wide open to legal challenge from tens of thousands of customers and are only backing down because consumers, solicitors, blogs and the media were about to have their collective heads on a platter.

You may have been coerced into doing the right thing, T-Mobile, but shame on you for even trying it on.


  • Me
    A massive kick in the balls and poke in the eye for T-Mobile. True consumer power on show wins the day. Good work Bitter Wallet et al for your work on this.
  • PlatPlat
    Vic-to-ry. Tastes so sweet. ‘Following a further review of our policy…’ = ‘Following a massive public and media backlash…’ ‘…and we apologise for any confusion caused.’ = ‘…and we apologise for not realising our paying customers wouldn’t permit us to forcibly bend over and violate them.’ ‘The revision to the Fair Use Policy is designed to ensure an improved quality of service for all mobile internet users.’ = ‘The revision to the Fair Use Policy is designed to be a customer-shafting alternative to investment in improving the capacity of our network.’
  • Royal A.
    Consumer power at full force there! I checked my months usage and with 3 days left until my next billing period I had used 170mb so the change wouldn't have affected me - but from now on I will start streaming YouTube vids on my phone while at work....hang on a minute, 3G with T-Mobile is shit, so how anyone could use over 500mb is beyond me.
  • Marc
    How on earth do you "increase your monthly Fair Use Policy"? That doesn't even make sense, and it certainly doesn't make it a FUP if you can pay to increase it, it just makes it an allowance.
  • R.Haris
    VICTORY- although It would of been nice to cancel the contract and go elsewhere.
  • Mr M.
    Bummer for some of us, I was hoping to weasel my way out of a contract... I'd even spent last night downloading almost 300mb on my 3G connection just to make sure.
  • andy y.
    Fox videos aplenty then
  • mygoditsfullofst
    So it IS the sound of someone backpedalling furiously !
  • dans
    Phew, that was close. I used 7gb last month.. but then i do pay an extra £22 for the privilege. Big thanks to all those that helped overturn this sham.
  • markymark
    T-Mobile. In. Your. Fat. German. Face.
  • Steve M.
    Fantastic news and without sites like bitterwallet, they would of got away with it. TMobile exec's need there heads examined for doing this. They confused the consumer, the press and worst of all, there own staff. I have never had a problem with them and when I had an issue, it was dealt with in the best possible way and I was treated like a human being! Now I shall relax and continue to enjoy my Desire HD and reading bitterwallet :) Cheers!
  • Lord H.
    You may have won the battle this time Bitterwallet but we will find another way to screw our customers ha ha ha ha ha
  • Me
    Just to protect myself against anything like this in the future, i'll make damn sure I ALWAYS use my 3GB each month now, even if its just streaming radio with the volume on mute to do it.
  • col
    tbf true this may be, least they changed their minds unlike vodaFraud.
  • iloveevilmonkey
    Orange went through exactly the same thing...you'd think someone in the company would have predicted this!
  • What C.
    [...] T-Mobile has gone and done it: reducing their “unlimited data” mobile phone tarrifs to really mean 500MB of data, for every new [...]
  • Tom
    @Royal Aide Call up and ask for "Uncapped Data Rates" ... there is a bar on most peoples accounts and having the data rate cap removed will give you far greater speeds.
  • N20Y1D
    T-Mobile have told me that i cannot cancel as no changes have been made - no word of an apology nothing. So I am disputing this as they clearly made an announcement regarding changes, the fact they have since made another announcement making more changes is irrelevant as if they hadnt backed down we would have had to have cancelled before the 1st of Feb when the changes were implemented so any cancellation/pac request between those two announcements should stand.
  • Complete S.
    As a rolling monthly sim customer I assume I can go on and on...........................
  • Jojo T.
    I have a two-year contract, but t-mobile is already showing changed plan on my t-mobile. My booster is not showing, and also data is showing 500 mb. I have unlimited internet. This is ridiculous, changing plans to their own benefit. Will speak to customer services tomorrow for sure. Am pretty annoyed right now. But, thanks for making this known to us all.

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