T-Mobile announce price increase that's low enough to stop you from cancelling

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile logo - featured Remember when Orange caused mild outrage towards the end of last year when they put up the price of their pay-monthly tariff? But, it was all legal and above board because the price hike was just below the retail price index and customers were unable to cancel their contracts as a result.

Well now, buoyed by the success of that sneaky little trick, Orange’s partners in Everything Everywhere, T-Mobile, are also increasing their pay-monthly prices, by 3.7% from 9th May. Again, as it’s a figure that is lower than the RPI, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them.

Customers who had joined T-Mobile before 1st February will be affected, but those on You Fix, Full Monty and other currently-marketed plans won’t be as those tariffs already have the price increase built into them.

Although it seems like a massive liberty, T-Mobile say that on a £15 plan, the increase will mean an extra 55p per month for their customers. Fair enough, or devious and underhand. You tell us.


  • Steve O.
    I've had a month-by-month contract with T-Mobile for just over a year, which is £15. I just rang them up this afternoon, as I did last year, and said it was too much, and, again like last year, they are applying an immediate £7.50 per month discount. I've been really happy with them but I know GiffGaff offers much the same for 7 or 8 quid, so I was happy to say give me the discount or give me a PAC.
  • Mustapha S.
    Contracts are for mugs, T mobile payg is the way forward, 6 months internet for £20, and just use data for SMS and calls.
  • Hmmm
    Problem being you then have to pay full price for a phone.... False economy.
  • jax
    Haha what a prat! T Mobile payg way forward? Maybe if you are facing the wrong way! Dumb ass!
  • Kevin
    Don't like it, change when you are able to. Everyone puts prices up. That's inflation for you
  • Late
    I'm on Orange, and had the price increase a few months back. My contract was £10.21 pm (or rather it was £20.42 pm but half price as a loyalty bonus). They then increased the contract, but the loyalty discount remained at £10.21... meaning the real increase in what I pay per month is 8.62% - double what they say they're increasing it. We're only talking small amounts here, as my contract price is so low, so I've not complained - but it's bloody sneaky, will hit other folk harder, and will add up to a lot more cash in EE's bank account...
  • new p.
    Just got this letter. My 18 month contract runs out in 3ish months, im desperate to get out of it because I pay over 40 a month and hardly use my minutes since I left uni. Is there really nothing I can do to get out of it using this as an excuse? Or any other trick I can employ? Anyone tried to get out if their contract using this? Thanks in advance
  • Fol-de-rol
    Oh dear, I think the thanks may be premature considering the usual crowd.
  • br04dyz
    im on the spawny "£10pm with £10pm off" deal from October. I have to pay nearly 40p a month now - its a frakking OUTRAGE :-)
  • Anne E.
    Oh no, what will the chavs do? It'll cut into their JJB/Stella budget if T-Mobile prices go up.
  • chadwell
    I bought a brand new HTC desire from O2 when I left them 20 months ago, price of £280 for the phone. I joined the rolling monthly Tesco contract - £10 a month with unlimited texts, 500MB data (although my account says unlimited), and 500 mins calls. So over the past 20 months, on average per month it has cost me 280 / 20 + 10 = £24 a month. If I keep the phone 2 years (which was the minimum contract length for O2 etc) - average per month will be just over £21 per month. Still really happy with this phone thanks to rooting and custom ROMs. No more lengthy contracts for me. If a new phone comes out that I really want (e.g. HTC One X) then I will sell the desire, might get £60 for it who knows. And start all over again.
  • Mike H.
    It's OK, the chav budget won't be stretched. The government have plans to increase the allowance to take into account T-Mobile and Greggs price increases, chavs, take a sigh of relief, you CAN afford those new stupid looking NIKE 'Bill 'N' Ted trainers now.
  • Andy
    T-mobile are no different to all the other large organisations increasing prices and knowing their customers have little or no choice but to pay, Ofcom are like most other regulators, a joke. When my contract is up, bye bye t mobile.
  • Tim
    A £1.12 increase on a monthly contract. Nice. Not so much the amount as the devious way of treating their customers who choose a fixed contract for a reason - to know what their expenditure will be. Strange I'm not allowed to vary my plan though. Guess it's just a one-way street. Agree with Andy about all regulatory bodies in this country - waste of skin. 12th June - bye t-mobile
  • jackie
    I'm on the full monty price plan and I've just spoken to tmobile to see if I am included on the price increase and they have said that I am?

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