T-Mobile and Orange customers to get everything everywhere... hopefully

everything everywhere It’s been a while since T-Mobile and Orange merged, leading to the birth of new parent company Everything Everywhere (if indeed it’s possible to give birth to a parent) but until now, the point of it all has been slightly vague.

Finally though, Everything Everywhere (bit of an arrogant name but never mind) have spoken. And get this – if you are a customer of either T-Mobile or Orange, from October 5th, you’ll be able to access the combined network of BOTH providers. Oh yes, we’re in the arena of big dreams here people.

Customers will need to sign up for the service, but it’ll mean that if they’re with Orange and the signal drops, their phone will search for a T-Mobile signal, reconnect if there is one and they’ll be able to carry on yammering away about bugger all for a bit longer.

Better still, from next year, the transition will be carried out mid-call with no need to reconnect and redial. Amazing stuff – although we’re not sure how often it’ll actually happen for callers. Cue floods of comments from irate customers of both companies who regularly lose reception.


  • M4RKM
    Orange drop calls all the bleeding time... Even when stationary, sitting next to an orange transmitter
  • Alexis
    Should work fine. 3 customers get transferred from 3's 3G service to Orange's 2G service already.
  • Mark H.
    @ M4RKM No they don't, at least not with any of the phones I've had over the last 10 years or so. Maybe you have a faulty/shit phone?
  • niceone
    @ Mark H How long have you worked for orange?
  • dunfyboy
    When mobile phone companies change their T&C's to our detriment they say it's no excuse to cancel our contracts so I assume that in their backward world something that might actually benefit their customers is just the excuse we're looking for.
  • hippy1001
    ive had both t mobile and orange and have had great signal from both. even with my crappy £15 phone i bought. i dont see this as big news for myself really. When i read the headlines i was thinking of all the orange wednesday and tmobile dvd rental offers were gonna be available then. which would have been better i think.
  • Sony R.
    [...] T-Mobile and Orange customers to get everything everywhere… hopefully | BitterWallet [...]
  • elsie
    I changed from tmobile to orange as i was getting really slow speeds and dropped connection on mobile broadband. With orange things were great, untill about 3 weeks ago. Now im getting the same problems I had with tmobile. Hmm any connection with the merger i wonder?
  • ali
    I'm with Virgin mobile, who apparently use the t-mobile network. Always got a signal, until 23/24 September, but since then absolutely nothing. Talked to Virgin, who reckoned it was a faulty phone and kindly(!) replaced it. New phone, still no signal. They maintain there are no signal problems here - I'm in east Devon- and now I'm wondering if its connected to the Orange/t-mobile merger? Anyone else out there suffering the same problem?
  • JCrook
    @ ali... It's probably a SIM error. Have you tried another Virgin SIM in your phone? Used to work for VMobile - 9 times out of 10, thats where the issue stems from. They can send you a replacement.
  • Mrs M.
    I had the Everything Everywhere update sent to my phone yesterday. I got a text this morning at 3,35 am informing me of an update error:nn . Now I have no signal on my phone. :(
  • ali
    Thanks for responding JCrook. Have tried several other sims, but none of them work. Much appreciate your help though. Mrs Mant- Are you in East Devon? I am still having problems, are you?
  • Elliebee
    i signed up for the t-mobile/orange signal thing on friday, on saturday i had very unreliable signal, it improved on sunday morning, disappeared again on sunday afternoon, and i had signal for about a minute and a half this afternoon. i live on the mid-devon/east-devon border, but this is also affecting me when i am elsewhere. does anyone know if it is possible to opt-out of the scheme?
  • Peterdf
    Hi Elliebee. I've exactly the same problem with Tmobile since I signed up for the Orange integration. My wife is also suffering the problem. I've been onto Tmobile today. The service operator was very thorough, She asked me to do all the usual reboot things and also to try it in a different phone. She phoned back a little later with some more tests to do. Then she said that they're on the look out for problems like this as a result of the Orange integration and she's forwarding it to another team, who will contact me in the next 24 hours. I suspect they've got a technical team working on this. But when they contact me, if they can't fix it, I'll be asking for an opt out. Peter
  • Tony C.
    If you text STOP to 2121 that opts you out. Trust me it is better to opt out
  • Alf
    I registered for the T Mobile addition to my Orange SIM but I still get no signal where my daughter and her friend both get the T Mobile signal. Have tried the SIM in two separate mobiles but neither work at all.
  • thgun
    Hi, I'm with Orange. I signed up to this new merger, and now my service is terrible calls keep dropping, it hardly ever changes to T-mobile for a beter reception (Ha Ha) and worst of all in the last few months since this merge I have had issues with sending messages calls take along time to connect especially on the 3G network. and when I phone other Orange users I keep getting a voice saying the person you have called is teperarally unavalaible please try again later. This has become irritating as I know I can get through on my land line. and as of this week I have been forced to just use the GSM network as dual mode is not switching. and as for mobile browsing on the go that to crashes, times out on 3G. Cant use the gsm network to slow snails are faster so that is pointless. And at Orange customers services are no help they say there is work being carried out in your area and that was 3 moths ago.
  • Misha
    I have been with Orange for about 3 and a bit years and only since the merge I have been having terrible signal. The signal bars are all showing however when I try and make a call..'call failed..call failed' with that annoying beeping sound. So far I have been able to make one call in 3 days and that was after 7 HOURS of trying! It's ridiculous! Why should we have to pay for a service we can't even use?!
  • Tom
    Misha, I have been having the same damn problem and Orange are refusing point blank that there is anything wrong with the service, not even offering to look into it. Every now and again I will get a bunch of text messages land in my inbox which I know had been sent hours prior to me receiving them, calls don't connect, at one point the reception even dropped from full to disconnection when I was on a call with Orange! Does anyone know WTF is going on?
  • Lee
    Just had a meeting with Orange a few weeks ago as we are a business customer. A lot of the issues were being blamd around capacity and the uptake of smartphones and ipad etc. I found this a little naive as coming from a service background with ITIL qualifications, capacity planning is one of the key infrstructure planning considerations. Looks to me like Orange have got this horribly wrong and are playing catch up. Unfortunately for us we signed up in June last year and have no way of knowing whether other operatiors are suffering as a result of the smartphone/iPad explosion. The other not so good bit of news is that 3G expansion will probably not be complete until early April 2011.
  • Pengril
    Does this mean - should I purchase an orange sim and put it in a t-mobile Phone it will work?
  • J.unie
    I'm a T-mobile customer, and occasionally my screen shows Orange as being the provider, presumably where the T-mobile signal is low - all works fine for me and my dinasaur of a mobile so very happy :)
  • jeremyk
    i'v recently relocated from northern scotland to south east uk. although the service was patchy in the wilderness, at least it was consistent. since ive moved back down south, ive been expereincing no network and constant delays in recieving texts and voicemail. i thought this was down to my handset, second hand iphone, but im beggining to think its partly the network. this isnt the only forum with sob stories!
  • hillm
    I've been a Virgin customer for years and struggled with a signal where I live. Yesterday, I noticed that my mobile started showing Orange on my phone and throughout the day, it changed from T Mobile to Orange and vice versa. I now appear to have Orange showing most of the time when I'm at home, with a full signal!! I'm all for whatever changes have taken place.
  • pad
    Back in October 2010 someone complained on here about receiving a message on their mobile as follows: update error:nn This has just happened to me. It claimed to be from Orange. When contacted they said it was generated from within the phone due to a faulty simcard and they would send me a new one.

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