Stupidly cheap £5 deal from Orange? Of course there's a catch

There's a recession on, you know. Money's too tight to mention, except it's all everyone talks about. And plenty of folk are using these penny-pinching times to their advantage, to grab some headlines under the auspices of lending a helping hand.

So step forward Orange, who don't have a world-conquering smartphone to shout about, or a clever summer promotion along the lines of Vodafone's charge-free holiday roaming. Instead they've conjured up the cheapest monthly tariff on the market - a flimsy £5 a month. For that, you get 50 free minutes, 50 free texts and a Nokia 2630 handset.

Of course there's a catch, and it's delivered with the blunt force of a mallet to the eye socket - you need to sign up to a three year contract. There will be the option to upgrade the handset after 18 months, but for our money the cons far outweigh the pros. For starters, the Nokia 2630 is hardly the most dependable handset; forget the tiny memory and shonky camera, plenty of users report it crashing all the time.

Besides, a bundle that size feels pretty pointless; if you use a mobile less then 50 minutes a month and barely text once a day, you're far better off with pay-as-you-go than signing a contract lasting til 2012, even if it is just a fiver a month.


  • veedubjai
    Another rip-off deal. What do Orange take people for. 3 Years contract. Feck off.
  • Nobby
    Someone thought it was hot enough to post on HUKD ...
  • derek
    I'm already paying £5 a month for 50 mins / 50 texts / 10M data on a 12 month contract including a free HTC S620 phone... if you've already got bt broadband its the BT Broadband Anywhere deal which is an extra fiver on top of their unlimited package. Oh, and includes unlimited wi-fi access on the phone on an btopenzone wi-fi (or partner) hot spot
  • Scribbles
    Orange are shite, 3 years tied to them would be more than I could stand. What do you get after 18 months? A Nokia 3310? Absolutely pathetic deal.
  • Sean
    What do you get after 18 months? My moneys on a refurbished Nokia 2630. Absolutely shocking the way some companies will peddle absolute crap and put the marketing spin on it to make people think they're being all fluffy and doing the world a favour. The futures bright... Because I've just set fire to your headquarters you bunch of thieving pikeys.
  • Bill B.
    "if you use a mobile less then 50 minutes a month and barely text once a day, you’re far better off with pay-as-you-go" No youre not. 49 minutes on Orange pay as you go (Canary plan) would be £7.35.
  • Jack F.
    "a flimsy £5 a month. For that, you get 50 free minutes, 50 free texts" Err! No! The minutes and texts are not free - you pay and the clue is just after the word 'flimsy'.
  • Joe H.
    My first ever mobile phone was a Motorola 4800x on a ten-year contract with Nokia Mobira. Yes, ten years! You can bet I crossed that out all over the contract form. They did try half-heartedly to moan about it a couple of years later when I binned them but their heart wasn't really in it.
  • Ga W.
    I have a pretty good deal with Orange so they aint all bad, its not like any other phone company is particulary different is it? Yes vodaphone offer free roaming, so you sign up to an 18 month contract to get the benifit from thier offer for what ? 2 Weeks a year when you are away? There are good and bad sides to most mobile phone contracts and deals, its how they work, use the bait to get you on the hook.
  • Anon
    You wouldn't believe how popular this WILL be - people love to think they're getting a bargain and will sign up for deals like this simply based on the "£5 A MONTH!!!!!!!" factor.
  • Ten B.
    [...] amazing new £5 a month mobile deal – and you only have to commit to it for three [...]
  • SJB
    Yeah great like lets slag the deal right off!! Seriously has anybody got a better alternative that does not come bundled with a phone line etc? Its cheaper than PAYG anyhow.
  • Ellie
    I cannot trust Orange anymore anyway, even if it actually were a good deal. I am using Orange Pay As You Go for over two years now and have changed my plan to Canary two months ago. Sad news is, that CANARY plan actually CHARGE you on weekends calls. After topping up £10 tonight (£10.02 credit left at this point), I have confirmed that I was still on Canary, then phoned up a UK mobile number (T Mobile) for 30 minutes from 00:06 on Saturday 16th - then my credit now is down to £3.82. It HAD happened the last time I topped up as well. That time I phoned up the customer survice and what he said was that I was on Dolphin, although I HAD RECEIVED the confirmation text that says I am now on canary. After asking questions how that was possible, he told me he put 15 free minutes on my credit balance, which I never received. Orange's ustomer service representatives are not very helpful from my experiences, therefore I am considering to make an official complaint to the head office or something.
  • Fiver S.
    Am I the only person on the tariff and happy with it? I joined in August 2009 and will be getting my free 18 month replacement handset soon. I hardly use my phone and tend to make a couple of short calls each day - typically 20 to 30 seconds each. Even on the very cheapest PAYG deal these calls would cost 8p each (as everyone seems to have a 1 minute minimum charge these days) and the few dozen texts I send each month would be 4p each at the cheapest. A free basic phone after every £90 of spend isn't too bad, either.

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