Study: Your Mobile Phone is Killing Your Sperm Count

When it comes to using mobile phones, the thought of getting tumours in our brains has still not put most of us off. But what about the concept of having your sperms fried, one at a time?

Research conducted by the Australians concluded that your mobile phone may indeed be doing just that.

According a study done in Brisbane, heavy mobile phone use can damage DNA, most likely through triggering oxidative stress resulting in free radical damage.

In other words, your mobile phone might make you infertile:

"The preliminary study, presented at a fertility conference in Brisbane today, is the first of its kind, and supports US research showing heavy mobile phone users have up to 40 per cent lower sperm counts than lighter users."

Professor John Aitken, director of the University of Newcastle's Biotechnology and Develompent unit, built a device that uses the same frequency as mobile phone calls to irradiate sperm. The result?

"After 16 hours exposure, there was clear evidence of DNA damage," Prof Aitken said. Time to move that new iPhone a little farther away from those nice spandex of yours.

But not all hope is lost. "Anti-oxidant treatments may be able to reverse the free radical damage to sperm from mobiles." Looks like Holland & Barrett may make it through the credit crunch after all, as the Mobot guys will be buying up all their stock.


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