Student does what Apple can't, extends iPhone battery life

The iPhone. Truly deserving of the title the Jesus phone. Perfection in all ways. Except one: it's not a very good phone. Specifcally, you need to charge it daily. On the road, away from home? Best buy yourself a second charger if you want to go wild and make calls on it.

No doubt Apple will get around to addressing the issue around the same time the Four Horsemen make an appearance. Until then, the world will just have to rely on PhD students with too much time on their hands.

Atif Shamin, studying at Carleton University in Canada, has had at the innards of his iPhone and done away with all those old fashioned wires, the primary cause of power loss. Replacing them is a micro-transmitter that wirelessly connects the circuit board and the antennae, increasing power efficiency by a factor of 12.

That's battery life sorted for the next iPhone update. Next on the list - making a telephone call that ends when you decide, not the phone.



  • mandy
    Mine gets charged around every 3/4 days unless I've been surfing the web.
  • veedubjai
    On most phones you can manually switch to 2G GSM connection only which can reduce battery life if you have no intention of using the faster 3G services. 3G is ideal for video calling & data usage, so use it when you need it. Turn off Bluetooth & WiFi as this can drain battery very fast as it is searching a connection constantly, turn screen brightness down & turn off screensaver as you need to ask yourself, do you really need it or is it hard to read. Read this;
  • Bob
    Yep, if I use it as a phone, it'll last about 3 days on 1 charge, start using it as an iPod/web browser and it'll last about 1.5.
  • scribbles
    Can't or don't want? Apple were no doubt keeping this on the boiler for 'iPhone '09' lol Why sell one phone when you can sell two?
  • Kevin
    You must be using it constantly to need to charge it up every day.
  • Helen
    My iphone needs to be charged every day and my average use before it dies (according to the phone's log of my usage) 12 hours on standby with 4 1/2 hours usage (calls/browsing/bejewelled!) and then it dies :(. My bluetooth is off, the screen brightness is on really low and I let it run down before fully charging it. Bit rubbish really.
  • Bob
    Helen, not really that rubbish, my old N95 used to manage about 2 hours of MP3 playing and then die, although they did apparently improve the battery life on the 8 Gig version. I've currently got about 40% charge on this, and I've sent 3 texts, no calls but 3 hours of surfing/mp3ing so far today, although I will be charging it tonight for my ritual zone out to music on my train journey to work so I don't have to listen to the muppets talking loudly to their mates about their weekend.
  • colin
    theres always the new iphone cases that doubles up as a case and solar charger. i think its about £30-40 but could be useful
  • Fred C.
    This story is a spoof story to fool anyone who have not studied science.
  • moody
    So essentially he's replaced the wire to the antenna with an antenna! Spoof indeed
  • Al
    This isn't a spoof story ... it seems pretty genuine. However, what the guy has done is reduce the power usage of one particular component by a factor of 12. This one component accounts for a very small amount of power usage in the average phone ... so in fact, you'd probably not notice the difference if this was implemented in your iPhone (since the LCD, GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN all account for much much more power usage). The guy claims to be able to save around 35mW of power ... which is about the same energy as an LED ... awesome if you're worried about these things, but it's unlikely to give your phone a much longer battery life.
  • Kevin
    To those who need to charge it up everyday, I hope you're not disconnecting it after it's gone to 100%, if you leave it theres about an extra 20% you can get thats not shown. Just leave it plugged in for another hour.

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