Strek Trek communicator app beams down for iPhone*

More iPhone nonsense for you. No, we won't stop going on about them. Because they're cool and if you think they're not cool, then you're not cool, alright? Good. Seriously, this is cool, whatever you think of the iPhone and the jillion pointless apps out there for it.

It's called the Star Radio communicator app, and it turns your iPhone into a 60s Star Trek TOS communicator. Flick it open, just like the real** Starfleet-issue communicator! Listen to it make all sorts of futuristic chirping sounds, exactly like those you envied in the primary-coloured golden age of televison! Get down to some serious yankee doodle with a green chick from Orion***!

It's tat, of course it is - but it's cool tat and you need it in your life. Plus it's just 59 pence, so it not like you need all the gold-pressed Latinum in the universe to afford it, now is it? Ah ha ha ha.

[iPhone Savior]

* lazy hack headline

** not really real, but imagined in a distant utopian future

*** not included in purchase price


  • Steve
    **** iPhone not included
  • ed
    *Waits for the inevitable renaming of this blog to "iPhone Wallet" *
  • some t.
    I like it a lot. Those beaches at skool won't laugh at me now.
  • jinky
    Not got real sound effects :(
  • thenonceacecatcher3
    how much did they pay you to advertise this shit free iphone 3gs per chance
  • Old T.
    Just leave the iPhone ALONE, just because you lazy, good for nothing BW workers can't afford one!!!
  • Masood S.
    The reviews on this app arent all that good. Apparently the sound is crap.
  • The B.
    Great kid, don't get penissy.
  • Francis R.
    Ooh look, another iPod plug, spread the word...
  • DHD’s H.
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