Stone from 40,000 BC vs iPhone from 2008

Want an iPhone?  Before you buy one, you might want to do some research.  So here's a feature comparison between an iPhone and a stone. (found on

But I must admit despite their differences, Steve Jobs can probably still sell you the stone for £199.


  • Andre
    what you mean steve jobs could sell me a stone for £199? Apple store said that this flint stone would do everything i wanted it to and more (because it had apple engraved on it) and that they were letting me have it for a special price of £ how did you know that?
  • R.Vinalaff
    Hah, is that meant to be satire?
  • Vince W.
    Can be Jailbroken? iPhone ✔ Rock ✘ Can be used to break out of jail? iPhone ✘ Rock ✔

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