Start your Friday with The I've Got An iPhone Song

That's how iPhone owners feel, people. Fact. It's clearly the best phone ever. Point us in the direction of all those other handsets with a video featuring a kitten off its tits from sleep deprivation, and we'll reconsider.


  • MrRobin
    This clip should come with a health warning NSFH! (Not Safe For Hangovers) uGH!
  • The B.
    Ah, dear old Mr Veitch he's touted Nesquik, Maestro and now the iPhone.
  • Nobby
    I still can't work it out. Is it that iphone users like crap like this, or that people that don't have iphones think that iphone users like crap like this?
  • Paul C.
    @Nobby I think it's the mere fact that there are FAR too many people with iPhones- therefore, more crap is generated. The majority of which never use it to the extent it is built for. It was never built for this....
  • scott
    @Paul Coia How true. I was one of them. sold it after 3 months
  • Keith
    About as funny as cancer of the scrotum. No effort goes into the content on this site anymore. Freeloaded crap, that's all.
  • klingelton
    I just got an iPhone through work. Quite enjoying it. looking forward to a couple of months though when i get to replace my old phone with a sparkly new desire HD.
  • Paul S.
    Keith - well said! I can't spot a single original article on Bitterwallet these days! Except, well, quite a lot of it, actually. Keep up the British end, yeah?
  • PokeHerPete
    I have an iPhone, and I like this.
  • maxtweenie
    Where's the wankers in the video? Where there's iPhones, there's always wankers.
  • Pamela L.
    The singer has a really thick and annoying English accent.
  • Keith
    @Paul Smith No, it's all stolen junk and regurgitated clips that someone else put the effort into. Oh, and incredibly funny stuff that isn't anywhere near as funny as you believe.
  • Paul S.
    And here you are, still reading it. Who's the prick?

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