Starbucks to start delivering

starbucks-logo Starbucks are planning to do a delivery service through their mobile app in some parts of America. You can assume that, if this works, they'll be rolling this out across the globe.

So what made the company decide to do this? Well, the coffee giant has reported lower-than-expected quarterly sales. Just imagine if they'd paid more tax too. They'd be weeping into their piggy banks.

"We are playing offence," CEO Howard Schultz said, like a git, adding: "Imagine the ability to create a standing order that Starbucks delivered hot or iced to your desk daily."

Starbucks is hugely popular and there's money to made through delivering a load of brown liquid to people in offices. It goes without saying that there'll be some who don't understand the point of it all, preferring to eat spoonfuls of Mellow Birds or whatever, but you can see this becoming a popular thing.

The coffee chain is looking at ways for getting consumers involved through online shopping rather than plain old brick-and-mortar stores. As well as a delivery service, Starbucks are going to allow customers to pre-order drinks on their smartphones by next year.

Looks like Starbucks aren't happy with other businesses stealing a march on them.

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