Starbucks serves up BT Openzone - good news for iPhones, too

Hey you! Yes, you! Are you a corporate whore? Can you not get through the day without a cup of overpriced coffee and your over-priced, under-performing iPhone pushing nonsense into your brain? Then good news! The Register reports that beginning this week BT will be begin replacing T-Mobile as wifi providers for Starbucks in the UK and Ireland.

The deal will run for five years, with over 650 hotspots forming part of the BT Openzone network. Thanks to an existing wifi deal with O2, iPhone users will be able to get access at Starbucks, at faster speeds available than currently offered by 3G. Once the rollout has been completed, O2 dongle subscribers will also get bundled Openzone access.

A win for both BT customers and O2 network users then, and iPhone users will be able to put their Go Grande app to good use, too. It's like all your Christmases come at once.

[The Register]


  • Hummy
    T-Mobile were asking for £5 for an hours usage!!!
  • Dan
    Fucking A. I'm never going home again.
  • jeff
    Tis funny, I always got free access through Starbucks for years, with my Openzone account anyway, through the 'Wifi partners' bit...
  • Alan
    To draw in the customers these places really need to provide free wi-fi anyway. Like McDonalds have started doing.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Now that you can hook up to BT Openzone in branches of Starbucks, your iPhone will surf the net even... [...]

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