Spotify comes to the HTC Hero as part of smart new 3 deal

spotify_logo-copy1-1 The crowd-pleasing Spotify Mobile service is already a massive hit on the iPhone and it looks as though the music-pumping Swedes have got plans for global mobular phonical domination.

They’ve announced that Spotify will be coming to the HTC Hero smartphone via 3 Mobile as of 3rd November. Better still, Spotify’s presence will be featured as a marketing tool for the phone – in addition to £99 for the Hero handset, a 24-month contract will cost £35 a month, with Spotify included in the tariff for the two-year period.

iPhone users of Spotify currently have to sign up and pay for the Premium service, which costs £10 per month.

Other features of the Hero’s impressive tariff include 750 minutes to other mobiles, unlimited texts, unlimited data, as well as other established 3 tariff features such as free calls via Skype.

If you can put up with being on the 3 network and their legendarily shitty customer service, it seems like a hell of a deal. Truly, the era of the Smartphone Wars is upon us. Oh, the stories we'll be able to tell to our children, our children's children, our children's children's children and all their daft little mates...


  • A P.
    24 month contract? Ahahahaha. £99 for the handset? Ahahahahaha. £35 a month minimum tariff? Ahahahahaha. 3's coverage and software modifications? Ahahahahaha. The Hero's underpowered CPU, meaning it runs everything jerkily? Ahahahahaha. But paying for a handset on a 24 month deal, with a huge monthly sub? Are 3 on acid?
  • Pizza_D_Action
    What he said... (except for maybe the underpowered CPU bit... i've never heard any complaints)
  • Graham
    what pizza said.
  • yer m.
    someone doesnt know about the recent update 2 the hero 2 fix the problems with lag etc, still better than a iclone
  • deemy
    Have the Hero, and can confirm no laggyness. 3s deal is a joke. I have the phone on Orange with 1200 mins, unlim text, 1GB data for £35, 18 months, free phone. Coupled with £50 Quidco and cashback it works out around £23/month. THat was bought 2 months ago.
  • Tesh
    all they did with the "FREE" service it add the price on the monthly contract price lol, 3 are a joke...just for thinking we would buy such a deal

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